part II 1971-1977


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June 1975


June 2 Monday

Maggie and I looked for hash, played pool in Ste Anne's. Met Ralph and Mike on St John's and Hymus.


June 4 Wednesday

Mike and I went to CHOM, saw the reception room [a fine room].


Before one of these visits, Mike and I had a strange experience. Outside Westmount Square, an old man (a street person) began to talk to us. I didn't want to but Mike did. The man said he had a knife and did we want to see it, at which he took it out (pointed at us). For a split second I didn't know what he was going to do, but luckily he did nothing...


June 7 Saturday

I am an uncle (My sister Sue had a son; Jamie). Mike, Ralph and I at CHOM, took souvenirs.


June 11 Wednesday

At the Rope in the Pits. Mike Sue and Heather [the Rope was just that, a rope tied to a high branch over the stream, on which people would swing. I took my first photos since March 26, 1974, and the first using a 35mm camera].


Then we drove along Lakeshore and Gouin (through Senneville) [I would drive this route many times in the future, to think and relax].


June 13 Friday

Got pictures and autographs for my aunt and myself of Bobby Orr at Eaton's downtown [my aunt was a Boston fan, and I though Bobby Orr, when young, was the cutest man alive...]


June 15-16 Sunday-Monday

Rob, Mike and I played 'Elfer Raus' all night, to try to beat me (I won nine times). [Elfer Raus was a German card game I knew how to win, Mike had introduced it to us at his place earlier in the year].


June 16 Monday

nite- Ralph took Mike? and I to his Philosophy of God class at Abbott. (129)


June 19 Thursday

Rob, Mich and I saw the movie 'Tommy'. [I didn't like it , but they did].


June 21 Saturday

nite- at sunset Gillian, Abby and I walked up to Mount Royal for the Fête Nationale. 150,000 other people there too. Met Rob, Mich, Mike and Ralph, and went with them. Gillian and Abby went elsewhere. [Wild]


June 22 Sunday

Ralph, Mike and I went to CHOM. Watched TV downstairs, made tea.


June 23-24 Monday-Tuesday

Ralph and I went to Mt Royal, Rob and Mich too drunk to come. [I brought a newly bought Quebec flag, to help camouflage the fact we were English]. There were 400,000 people there. [the place was a sea of beer cans and garbage. One guy had made a large fleur de lys by pushing beer caps into the ground. There was a bonfire beside Beaver Lake. Only French was heard... Ralph has photos taken sometime during this weekend]




129. Wayne Paquette was the teacher, a former monk. At the beginning there were a few believers, by the end no one was sure. I think I went more than Ralph and I wasn't even in the class. Peter Fiset was in it too. One night he was there on mesc. At the end everyone got up and left, leaving him sitting in the dark...