part II 1971-1977


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April 14 Monday

JAGGER IN "PERFORMANCE" - PERKINS IN "THE TRIAL" Borges - Kafka Festival. Monday 1pm Apr. 14th in C250. Drugs, Sex, Violence, Law & little old you. FREE - BRING FOOD & HELP FROM FRIENDS


-Notice in the JAC DailyInfo.


Andy, Michelle Gay , myself and others went to see these two films. They were put on by the English teacher Rod Smith, a man who even then had quite a reputation. He was a hippie and promoted drug use openly to his classes.


We were oh so stoned. The opening nightmare in "The Trial" was chilling.


April 25 Friday

Michelle Gay, Chuck and I went to the Riverside [later the Pisse Dru, later Annie's. You couldn't have designed a more cliched Canadian bar than the Pisse Dru, complete with a mouse head on the wall. It was a place to drink and smoke (hashish, even the waiters sold it).] in Ste Anne's. [There they talked to a guy at our table, Michelle said he was a big dealer. He asked me to take drugs over the U.S. boarder (no thanks, asshole)]. Then went to the last beer bash at the collage [the only one I ever went to. Saw a Rolls on the way]. Heather was there [I hadn't seen her in awhile].



April 26 Saturday

Mike [had phoned CHOM late one night and talked to the DJ Terry Michels. She'd invited him down]. Ralph and I went along to CHOM. [We sat in the studio with her, and stayed real quiet between songs. Terry was a beautiful girl, and looked like Foster's girlfriend. At that time CHOM (127) was much more open, as we were the only ones in the building (the old CHOM on Greene ave in Westmount) and were allowed to wander around unchecked (we behaved ourselves). Ralph took photos on one of these trips but they are undated. On one of these trips I read a philosophy book by Alan Watt].




127. CHOM. It provided the soundtrack of the age. Besides the icons of music I have described (which of course are from my point of view, the others no doubt have other music that for them represents the times) CHOM is the source of the 'counterculture' music (it was in this time that the station in fact went from 'progressive' to 'formula' rock. In 1972 'The Fourth Tower of Inverness', a bizarre show, could be heard. By 1975 it was out of the question to play anything but the hits (on one of our visits we saw how the DJs at the station would decide the mix of music: ). Seals and Croft, Jessie Winchester (an American singer who called Montreal home), Shawn Phillips (another American, from Texas, extremely popular in Quebec), Focus, Van Morrison (a staple), Robin Trower, Lynard Skynyrd, Mott the Hoople, Aerosmith, Supertramp, Loggins and Messina, Strawbs, The Band, Nazareth, Santana, Lou Reed, Rory Gallagher, Babe Ruth, Steely Dan, Carly Simon, Brian Eno, Sweet, Electric Light Orchestra, STYX, Jim Capaldi, Dave Mason, the separate Beatles, The Eagles (whom I disliked), Leon Russel, King Crimson, Queen, Golden Earring (who's song 'Radar Love' is still (1990's) a standard on CHOM), The Steve Miller Band, Traffic, The Doobie Brs., J. Geils Band, etc, etc...these and others forgotten...


A longer history of CHOM at this period can be found here.


Ps-the song "White Bird" by It's a Beautiful Day was also a CHOM standard.

Terry Michels at CHOM 1975