part II 1971-1977


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February 1975


In February hash disappeared for awhile, then reappeared at $10/gram for the first time.(125)

Michelle 'went up north' sometime in this month until May 24th. I found out (much) later why...


February 6 Thursday

Led Zeppelin at the Forum [there is a bootleg of his show, and it shows this was not a great concert (even with lasers). Robert Plant forgot the words to 'Stairway to Heaven'].


From the Gazette review by Bill Mann:


"Led Zeppelin may be just about the last major rock band left who haven't blown their credibility, but still they have their ups and downs.


Rarely has a crowd been higher than the 19,000 people who jammed the Forum last night, and most will no doubt tell you they got their money's worth.


But will someone please tell me why Robert's Plant is touring with only half a voice?.."


February 17 Monday

Talked with LaValle, plus Dale? and Gilles? about drugs in a break in Philosophy class.


February 21 Friday

New JAC lounge in the basement of Brittain Hall [a small room in the basement. The old lounge had been closed because of drugs. The new one failed].


February 24 - Led Zeppelin's 'Physical Graffiti' is released



March 1975


March 5 Wednesday

Smoked a joint with Dale and Dave [a guy in the Philo class] on the balcony of the Poultry Building [John Abbott was part of Macdonald Collage, an agricultural school run by McGill].


Class two of Philosophy was as wild as the first, with disappearing tables and all.


Taking Sue and Richard to Lindsey Place (75?)


March 8-9 Saturday-Sunday

Two parties at Tom's [someone somebody knew, I think Heather] in a townhouse in Kirkland. [many people there, even Dave put in an appearance (which is also his last in this journal , except for a brief appearance in 1978....(ah, I speak too soon)...).


The new Led Zeppelin 'Physical Graffiti' was out, I brought it to the party to play on their large stereo.


We drank 'Flaming Jacks' (Southern Comfort on fire in a shot glass).

The Beattee Brothers were there. (126)

Someone tied all the boots together in the front hall.

'Easy Rider' was on one night].




125. See Appendix 2


126. And thereby hangs a tale...the Beattee's, Morton McConnel and others represent the 'coolest' of the freaks. They even looked down on us (I would say if they were a '1' we were '2'). Some of us crossed easily between the classes (Andy being the best example..everyone liked Andy). In about December 1971 Morton had asked Ralph why he was hanging around with us (Morton thought I was fag...surprise surprise)...BTW, one of the Beattie brs. was hurt in a motorcycle accident on Hymus, taking a dangerous curve (c. 1976).