part II 1971-1977


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September 14 Saturday

nite- at Dave's. Ralph, Gillian, Andy and Bennie there. Smoked oil, typed:


Do you know that I haven't typed in months. The dreaded hash oil, killer of millions. John Abbott is a (first mistake or so) good school, of school itself and smoking. There are always birds there watching you walking around. Gillian is singing to a song which hasn't come on yet. I wonder if she's high again? Loggins and Messina are on at this very moment. Who fucking cares? Time to lite up a splif. A Smith-Corona Sterling, is that important? Ok I'm impressed. No really.


Sally walked silently from the train station, as her life crashed around her. It was ok that she had lost all her dope on the train when she threw it out a window. She thought a conductor was a police officer. What was bad was that when it went out the window it hit the man with the cocaine and almost killed him...


September 20 Friday

Babysat. Rob and Mich came over, sat in my room. Partook of Lebanese and Moroccan hashish. [an audio tape exists - audio sample].


September 21 Saturday

My parents away. Gillian and Maggie came over in the afternoon (wine). nite- Rob, Mich and I drove to John Abbott [I don't know why].


September 26 Thursday

Smoked with Dave Harward.


September 27 Friday

At my place at nite. Rob, Mich, Fred, Ernie, Jeff and Dugald. Smoked oil. Ernie sick (drink).


I was listening to an album of music my Debussi done by Tomita (electronicly) at this time.


Sometimes I would drive Foster and Ernie to Abbott during this period. They dropped out the next semester.


September 28 Saturday

My father died in a farming accident. He was ploughing on a hill and the tracker overturned. I got the news by phone, having just got out of the shower.


Rob, Mich and Gillian came over that night, also my sister Susan. We played cards and smoked oil.


Andy phoned to see what was happening. when I told him he thought I was joking. I hung up on him. We never talked about this to each other again.



October 1974


The records are foggy for this period and I am going to leave them that way.


October 4 Friday

Went to Sue's [Nanny and Grandpop (my father's parents) had come from England].


Received letters of sympathy from Ginny Hooper, Gillian's mother Lucy Simmons and Christine Lovett.


October 5 Saturday

nite- Mom in Cornwall. Rob and Mich came over, played Hearts. Foster came over, Rob and Mich left. We watched a Clint Eastwood movie.