part II 1971-1977


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Unrecorded events summer 1974


Partying in Rob's car in the parking lot behind the Unitarian Church on Cedar Ave.

yelling "The British are Coming" in the streets of Pierrefonds late at night (from Rob's car).


Rob and I got rowdy driving at times. He got in trouble with a neighbour of mine because of screeching around the corner.

I was driving around with some people one night. Going up Waverly (too fast) a lady ran out and hit the car with her hand (she was angry).


One afternoon a group of kids (about 11 or 12 yrs old) attacked the house to bug us. We hit them with water, caught them by sneaking up the path.


Driving along Lakeshore Road and hearing the new Stones song 'It's Only Rock and Roll' for the first time.


Rob had a job in the printing department of his father's company.


Smoking marijuana and mescaline with Michelle and Mike Sawyer in my kitchen, from a hookah.


Ernie blowing hash smoke in the fishtank in the kitchen.


Ernie watching TV at my place in the afternoons.


Maggie's card game "Flusteration', one we played quite often (May-June).


Watching 'Bye Bye Birdie' late one night at Foster's. The scene where the turtle does homemade speed we found particularly amusing.


Saw my first custom van on Lakeshore Road.


Rob and I were speeding down St John's late one night. As we came over the last hill at 75 mph, a cop car was at the bottom, he didn't stop either of us.


Because of our speeding, the neighbours around Kingsman Park had a stop sign installed. We were proud of it.


Rob poured beer on me in a park, I said I'd never forget and I'd get even (I haven't yet...)


This was the Summer of Fire. That's how I felt inside, difficult to explain, but it was the beginning of youth. It wouldn't last long...



September 1974



September 2 Monday

abbott Maggie and I went out to Abbott to check it out. We met Rob and Mich doing the same thing. [at this time Abbott was exciting. It seemed huge and the old buildings gave it the feeling of a real university.]


September 3 Tuesday

The first day of John Abbott. I went to the wrong building, I forgot it was Tuesday. Andy, Foster and Ernie were going there too. It was raining! We went to the lounge in the Centennial Center. A guy there smoked us on a big joint [which freaked us out, not being used to smoking inside at school. That would change, the lounge was basically a place where the freaks smoked and sold drugs openly. Some people ruined the place though. Broken tables and chairs, plus a galaxy of burns were common.


We investigated the buildings in the first few days. We found a stuffed eagle at the top of a staircase in the main building].


September 4 Wednesday

Got a locker in the basement of Stuart Hall #406 [which was almost never used]. Visited John Rennie (ha!) [it already seemed small].