part II 1971-1977


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c. September 29 Wednesday

Lesley asks Mike and me out for the coming weekend. Lesley went to John Rennie and was a grade ahead of me. She and I shared some classes in Grade 7, which I remembered but we didn't become friends then. Mike went to Beaconsfield High, and lived with a foster family.


Note written c.September 1971 from Lesley to Don


Are you horny? Don't get me wrong, I want to ball. You keep getting me horny, but I think if you like me you will wait until there is some place half decent to do it.


Don't start thinking I am a slut, I just want to do it properly once and for all, okay?



"...Life could be ecstasy,

you and me and Lesley...."  (14a)


-The Young Rascals (1967)


October 1971


October 1 Friday

[Lesley, Don, Judy, Sandi Campbell (?), Brenda Gates (?), Mike and I] went to the Mapes, got 2 bucks of hash. Then we went to St Thomas High (15), smoked in the back field. Went down to the train tracks, sat in the tunnels and toked, then to the Diary Queen [walking along the train tracks].


October 2 Saturday

Rea and Porter were over in the afternoon. From 7pm to 12 Mike and I went and met Brenda, Lesley and Lanore Doy and went to Lesley's. Her boyfriend came (Don) and Judy. Had a seance. Then Mike's friend came (Jay) and we went to the Maples Inn. We sat under a tree and toked, then we went (minus Judy) back to Lesley's and broke her umbrella - can seat and Sputnik (16)


October 3 Sunday

In the afternoon went to Lesley's. We were in the livingroom first then went downstairs. Wrote on the ceiling and walls with pastels [see April 20, 1972]. Lesley was matching me up with Judy. Made a hash pouch out of fur.


October 4 Monday

Lunch-Ken has F lunch now, went to the cemetery.


October 5 Tuesday

Lunch- met Sandi in the caf and we went upstairs to her locker (5th floor) and left a note on Lesley's. Art- I had to stand on a desk at the front while everyone drew me. After school saw Mike go by when I was on the bus.




14a.  I now know (2013) that this lyric was misheard. “and Lesley” is actually “endlessly”.


15. St. Thomas was the Catholic high school, divided between English and French students. This is probably the origin of the legends about that school that we at John Rennie had: it was a tough school, with fights between the language groups. These stories were exaggerated.


St. T. had a security guard on duty, called 'Schultz' (which again added to the school's reputation). Later he was caught dealing drugs.


In 1995, John Rennie became a French/English high school...


16. Two items to remember from Lesley's basement. She had a detached can seat and Sputnik was a little legged metal ashtray, which I named.


Lesley's basement was really only an area in one corner. It was separated off by curtains on two sides. The ceiling was low and paneled, some we were able to reach and write on it, along with two of the walls. It was furnished with some old tables and chairs, and music was provided by a very small mono record player. Still, we loved it, to teenagers places like this are sanctuary...