part II 1971-1977


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July 13 Saturday

Because of a street party on another street, the Bucks went out. [They were neighbours of mine at 68 Winston Circle, the old Hooper's, not liked by the local freaks. They all seemed to have brushcuts.


They'd left their son Ross alone. He was about 14-15? He and a friend were by their pool trying to get a young girl to swim in the nude. That's ok, but Fred, Bob, Ernie and I were hiding in the bushes watching.


This was like mild revenge. Other plans were to put a one hundred foot neon sign on their roof that said "The Marijuana is Here" or to fill their pool with dead jellyfish].


July 14 Sunday

Sat on the deck of the boat with Ernie, Maggie, Rob, Mich and Danny.


July 16 Tuesday

Michelle had run away, she didn't have a great homelife. Her grandmother was too much. During the New Year's Eve party 73/74, she phoned to see if Mich had left. When I said she had, she said "Are you lying?" (I wasn't).


Rob knew she had gone to Long Sault, and he had no car at the time to go on a search. So I drove Maggie and him there in the Lincoln (trying to go 100 mph when possible). The guard let us in free because we were just looking for someone. Some jocks from John Rennie (including Greg Barr) were there, we asked them if they'd seen Mich (they hadn't), they asked us if we had any mesc (we didn't).


We didn't find Michelle. We took the river road to Cornwall, Rob drove and I relaxed in the back seat watching the Milky Way through the back window. We got a little lost in Cornwall.


July 17 Wednesday

Maggie, Ernie and I split a 25 oz bottle of Southern Comfort [I think we drank in my room]. Mich returns [safe and sound, but where she had gone is not recorded].


July 18 Thursday

Kingsman Park. Heather etc. Fred, Foster, Ernie and Bob, not too exciting. [Kingsman Park was where I hung around with Fred and Bob in 1969, Also Sheila in 1970...who 'etc' is I don't know ].


July 19 Friday

Bought 'Quadraphenia' by the Who.


My parents were away. Had a juicers party. Heather, Pat, Pattie [Gaul], Louise, Andy, Bennie, Dave, Maggie and Sue.


As people left (noisily), they threw the beer bottles into the woods beside the path. The next morning Mrs Durant (a neighbour) let the phone ring about 36 times before I got it. She went out with me to pick up the bottles. She never said anything to my parents.


July 20 Saturday

Andy, Denis and Larry here, smoked (dumped beer bottles [in Dollard] on way [where?] ).


July 21 Sunday

'Sunday in the Park' with Heather, Pattie, Pat, Andy and Bennie. Cut the leaves of a tree there to look like marijuana.(this also was probably the one where I watched a freak couple dance the Lindy Hop under a tree...)


July 22-24 Monday-Wednesday

Exciting nights in Kingsman Park with Rob and Mich [which consisted of sitting at an old picnic bench, covered in little bugs dropped from the tree above. The bench was at the west side, next to the playground. The bugs, when squashed, turned red].