"Take a little dope and walk out in the air;
the stars are all connected to the brain..."

                             -The Who

July 1974

July 1 Monday
Went to the Dollard Drive-In , Maggie in my car, Rob and Mish in the Volvo. Saw 'American Graffiti'. Foster, Fred and Bob [Fred's brother] were in the next car.
[the Drive-In had a fireworks show].

July 3 Wednesday
Went to the Mapes to sell oil (ha) with Dave.

July 4 Thursday
Went to the Mapes with Dave. Got pissed (9 beers and 5 splifs).
[met a guy who tried to start a fight with me on November 26, 1970; Terry Dorcus. We joked about it]. Danny got a new [yellow] Mustang.

July 5 Friday
Got weed, smoked on Maggie's water bed with her and Sheila [visiting again?], Ralph and Danny.

July 6 Saturday
Got 1/4 ounce of hash. Foster , Fred, Sheila and Dave came over. 'The Birds' were on the late movie.

July 7 Sunday
Andy and Denis came over, fronted weed from Denis.

July 8 Monday
At Gillian's , bought a nickel of weed. Dave, Ralph, Denis, Danny. Smoked all day.

July 9 Tuesday
Gillian's in the afternoon. Southern Comfort. Dave there.

July 10 Wednesday
[Rob and Ernie had gotten jobs working on a yacht, moored at the Beaconsfield Yacht Club. Mish and Maggie would go with them. We felt a bit left out, so] Danny and I went to the boat club, worked with Rob and Ernie.

[This boat was big. Below deck were living quarters, bar and stereo. It was powered, not a sailboat].

July 11 Thursday
Worked on the boat from 8 to 6
[oiled the deck, painted (badly, with strokes in all directions) a small ladder. The owner of the boat said to Rob later "he's not much of painter, is he?" ]. Rob, playing, hit Ernie in the chest with an electric drill. Ernie was ok. The boat was launched this day [though not new ].

The words 'Remostrand' (meaning a splif), carbontreader, copper magnet and Michelle's earlier 'Spouster' became common (not in the general public, just among us), also King Liverlips and Queen Blatterbox of the Urinated States.

Rediscovered 'Who's Next, as this was Rob's favourite music. Mostly we'd hear it on 8-tracks in his Volvo.

July 12 Friday
[the guy who owned the boat let us use it for the evening]. Danny, Sheila, Maggie, Ernie, Rob, Michelle and I. Had hash.

[legends of another party around this time (one I was not present at) have Maggie, topless, falling (or pushed) into Lake St Louis ].

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