"Got your mother in a whirl,
'cause she's not sure if you're a boy or a girl..."

June 1974

drawing It was at this time I first got into Big Band music, although it was though an album by 'The Hotel Orchestra', which did synthesized versions.

June 3 Monday
French oral exam.

From the little brown book:

Maybe you'll think I'm crazy writing this but I hate to tell you I am. Well I don't think this maybe will make sense, but if you think about it it didn't and you know me I'm crazy. But the real reason I'm writing this is because I've got nothing else to write. One day in the future I'll go crazy but I think I will really just trying to screw your head up ya know. But I don't know if its working. Maggie wrote a discusting letter in here. How many times have you smoked? Give you something to think about. Mish Far out June 6/74

No Continental can take a Volvo with a Who tape in it!
Robert Fenoulhet

June 7, 1974
(strange geometric shapes)
(The reason I put my name at the bottom of the paper is because I might have thought of something to say later

Jackee Ranger
(PS) I don't usually write this way)

June 7/74
Gee Alan I can't think of anything to say so!
love Maggie

June 8 Saturday
Nite-parents out, Sheila (visiting) came, then Maggie, Jeff, Danny, Mish and Rob. Had a 'juicer's' [drinking] party.

June 9 Sunday
Rob, Mish, Jeff, Jackie, Maggie, Dugald and I bought a gram of hash oil, and rolled 8 splifs. Smoked, all of them at once (and got ripped). Tried to play 'Feds and Heads'. (119) nite-Jeff came over, smoked a bowl of weed and left.

June 10 Monday
Hot !!! Wrote the English Lit. exam [and wrote at the end of it was too hot to write an exam]. Smoked 3 or 4 oil splifs with Dave at the C.C. after. nite-at Ovide Park with Maggie, Danny, Jeff, Dugald and Joanne etc. Rain and thunder. We went in the chalet, office and other. [this appears to be the first time we went there. It is the same park of September 1971].

119. The game is not mentioned again after this.

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