part II 1971-1977


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June 11 Tuesday

Art exam (ha!). Bought and smoked hash at the C.C. with Tim H, Denis, Richard Harris and George Quinn.


June 12 Wednesday (note)

French exam (written). Went with Maggie and Jackie to Ovide Park, then Dugald's. Smoked joints on the way. At Dugald's were Jeff and Fred Moody (120) [Rob would marry his sister Gwen in 1977]. Played pool, I beat Jeff twice. Maggie and Fred split, the rest of us went to the park. Played baseball with a ball made of tape. nite-at the park with Maggie, Danny, Jeff, Dugald, Joanne etc. Played slack tennis. Dave and Ralph came about 9:45 [it seemed strange to see them]. Andy Cricton drove us to St John's (the Lincoln in the shop for brakes since June 6) [they went out in the Stuart Hall parking lot].


June 13 Thursday

Physics exam [the spring of 1974 is when I first began to like Physics and Mathematics, mainly the latter. Up until then math had been hard for me, but with functions I began to really enjoy it]. Went to Ovide Park. Jeff came, he played tennis. Kids came with ripped off bike lock with chains. Chalet has a Pepsi machine. Maggie, Dugald, Jackie and the rest came. Jeff, then Dugald went swimming. Then they played tennis with Maggie and I. Got the car when I got home, drove to the park, Jackie and the gang there. Played tennis from 7:30 to 9:15. Jeff, Dugald, Maggie, Danny, Joanne etc came. Ralph and Dave too. Played swash [?] downstairs. Drove Dugald and his fucked up bike home.


The entries from June 8-13 are a second attempt to revive the journal.


June 14 Friday

We [the Ovide park group] decided to go at the last moment (around 6pm), went downtown to the Forum and saw David Bowie [Section 54, Range A Seat 11. I remember him emerging from a mirrored crystal, with UV lights inside, seated on a giant hand that lowered as the crystal opened. Apparently this was the first rock tour in which such a stage design was used. Watching the costumes on some members of the audience before the show was as much fun as the show itself...].


From the Gazette review by Bill Mann:


"There is one thing that separates David Bowie's stage show from the vast majority of rock acts today, and that is its sheer quality...


...Most of Bowie's material came from his current LP, Diamond Dogs, plus his last serious album, Aladdin Sane - an album filled with great songs but inexplicably overlooked by most Montreal FM stations...


...He is rock's ultimate poseur. Unfortunately, many of the people in the audience were either too stoned or too busy talking to appreciate most of this, and I don't blame Bowie a bit for refusing a much demanded encore..."




120. Ralph's note: 12 June/74

The Moody's were a bizarre family. Dad worked at the RCA/SPAR research centre on Chemin Ste Marie (you can see it going west on the 40, just before you enter Ste Anne's) and mom was a religious nut. Gwen was just about the most lying and manipulative person I've ever come across. She was full of bizarre stories about prostitution rings at JRHS and told stories of being beat up by drug dealers to explain absences from school. She ran away from home at one point and took refuge at AMBCAL, a youth oriented social services operation which ran (still do I think) a group home for troubled youth where my sister Simone worked. She told them she was on the run from the mob and that someone was out to kill her. Apparently she accused one of the workers there of trying to molest her- he said she came on to him and when he refused to go along she claimed attempted rape. She was basically kicked out of AMBCAL. On another occasion (this would have been in July-August '77) she "borrowed" her parents' car to go out with Rob and I. When we all stopped off at my house in the evening, my mother said Gwen's mother had phoned for her several times. Gwen phoned her mother and apparently told her that I had had a fight with her and Rob, was psychotic and suicidal, and that she had to have the car so that she and Rob could go looking for me before I did something self-destructive. I came to know about this because after we left again, Mrs Moody phoned my parents several times and, in near hysterics, berated them for being such lousy parents and bringing up such a demented child (a case of unconscious projection perhaps?) My father finally hung up on her, and I had a lot of explaining to do when I came home that night. Afterwards I tried to talk to Rob about how fucked up Gwen was and that was it for our friendship. I did hear from Fred- a couple of years later while both Rob and Gwen were still at UNB- that Rob and Gwen had broken up. Fred's spin on it was that Rob was jealous of the fact that Gwen was getting better marks than Rob was, and that Gwen had been accepted into a Masters or a Law program to which Rob's application had been rejected. Just looked it up: there's a listing for a R. Fenoulhet in Orleans here in the Ottawa many could there be? Its almost midnight now, otherwise I'd try the number. God help him if he and Gwen reconciled....