part II 1971-1977


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May 1974


May 3 Friday

Went to the Dollard Drive-In with Maggie, Rob, and Mish. The films were 'the Planet of the Apes' series [again!]. Smoked a joint of Angel Dust.


(Andy's) May 3, Friday

I got sucked into going up to Fairview again. We (me, Bennie, Murry, Cliff, Richard, Sue) waited around 'till about ten o'clock so these guys could score some dope. Then we went over to Fairview cinema. It had been robbed about 15 minutes earlier, so everything was pretty confused. While we were waiting to get in, Bennie + Sue went to the can. We tried to figure out what the guy at the door was saying....whether to go in without paying, pay or get lost. Eventually we paid and went in, and we met the girls inside. We caught the last hour of Conqueror [Conquest] of the Planet of the Apes and the last 45 minutes of the Great Gatsby. Did a toke outside, after Sue's mother gave me and Rich a ride to Mac's, where I get Murry and Cliff. Paid fucking $2.75 for the movies.


(Andy's) May 4, Saturday

Brad and Bob called on me, and we went up to the Manoir. Sat with Tim Herron, Steve Weiner, Ian Winterbottom + Dennis. Drank till about 9:00, them me and Dennis went up to the Drop-in. Bennie was a little drunk and pretty affectionate. I was just rolling a splif when two adults from the park came and kicked everybody out, after I'd been there 15 minutes. They had a big discussion with the group inside. I just couldn't take it seriously-these adults arguing about all sorts of irrelivant things, Bennie getting all pissed off at them, while Brad/Bob/Ian, who had just turned up, were laughing at it all. Oh well...


Had to get mad at Bennie-being her usual drunk self. Walked her home. Me, Bob Lucier, Steve Weiner's friend on the way home and went to his house and did a toke.


May 6-13

Flu [which does not exactly match the events recorded below...]


It is on May 8th and 9th that I consider I drew my first shaded drawing. Others had been attempted before but this was the first success. It was of 'John-Boy' from 'the Waltons'.


May 9 Thursday

Went to the Mapes with Foster, Fred and Ernie. Dougald, Jeff and Kevin there. [Dugald I've mentioned before, Jeff Bryne and Kevin Allen I'd know since grade school in Cedar Park. Jeff would soon, if not already, go out with Maggie. Dugald was Jeff's best friend. Kevin was friends of them and Foster too].


(Andy's) May 9, Thursday

Bennie had a cold tonight, so I went up to le Manoir. Sat with Steve Weiner + Bob Lucier for awhile, but they got kicked out because the manager thought they were dealing-Murry and Cliff and me split at about 9:40. Cliff went home, me + Murry went to Bennie's. She'd asked us over, but had fallen asleep. She came to the door, white as a sheet. We split back to le Manoir. We both got pretty pissed and talked mostly about Bennie. Sort of a fucked-up night.


May 10 Friday

The Grad Night, which I did not attend [but Andy did...]. (116)


May 11 Saturday

Magic Mushrooms [we got these 'mushrooms' from Jeff and Dugald. From later experience I'd say these were not great [or more likely not even mushrooms. I believe I did them for the first time in 1980]. We acted silly anyway, calling a small figurine 'God', Maggie, Rob, Mish and I were present at least, at my place].




116. See Appendix 3

Kevin Allen, Jeff Bryne and Dugald McPherson