part II 1971-1977


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‚ÄčApril 1974


April 3 Wednesday

It was 52 F in the last block of class (c. 2:30-3 pm), we sat out on the cars in the back parking lot.


It appears Ralph and Mike hung around the Beaconsfield golf course a bit around this time (?). [a story about Mike and Ralph I will put here, though it may be one year too night they hid up in the branches of a small tree on Lakeview near a bench in a small park. A woman came and sat on the bench, and the two in the tree began to shake the branches, thus scaring the poor woman half to death...]


April 6-7



I remember Hank Aaron's 715th home run on April 8th.


April 11



April 16-18 Tuesday-Thursday

Went to the farm with Rob, Michelle, Ernie and Maggie. [Rob and Michelle were now going out, as were Maggie and Ernie. We'd arrived at Rob's the night he and Michelle 'made their decision', Ernie climbed a tree outside to see what was happening. I believe Maggie and Danny were there too. It took awhile to get Rob to the door].


We used to met a Fairview before going up north. This time Danny never showed, we had to go without him (in fact he came late).


We took a plaque up north with us to place at the top of Mt. Boge (the other half of my drawing board). It read: "This monument was placed here on April 16, 1974 on Mt Boge by Ernie Findley, Maggie Watson, Alan Rhodes, Danny Hinves (in memory), Mish Jorden (and something in brackets I can't read off the photo of the plaque taken October 4, 1975), Robert Fenoulhet".


On the 17th we went to the waterfall in the afternoon. The water still had ice in it, we tried putting our feet in.


On this trip or the one in March, we went to the store. As we left Maggie said to go back. She was right, there was this strange little child, a little girl in large sunglasses. Hilarious.


On finishing a toke, Rob went in the store, and asked for a pipe (March-April)


The night of April 17th, the partying got slow. I looked outside and there were Northern Lights. Rob, Mish and I spent hours watching a bright white and green ribbon of light that hung across the sky above us. (as of today, September 1993, these are the best I've ever seen).


It seems we were near drugless this trip.


April 20



April 21 Sunday

Went to a place in Ile Bizard. It was at the end of a road, and became a small circle, next to a golf course. I went with Mish, Rob and Maggie. Had a fine time, stoned in the sun.


(Andy's) Easter Holidays April 12 to 21

*Julie told me that Bennie really liked me again so I asked her out again, after days of deep thought.


For the first 5 or six days I had no dope-got drunk at the drop-in on beer tails one night. Oh yah-> the first 2 days 2 snorted mesc.


Bennie found my addled brains pretty funny. Usually I do a lot of confused babbling without really saying anything. Scenes like tripping with Bennie in the park killing time before taking her home, trying to avoid kissing her-which is what she wants. See her sometimes in the afternoon. One night I told her a guy she knew to talk to died. She was a little drunk and cried from then until she got home. This was at Patti Gall's place. Another night, after I had scored a half-ounce of mesc, me, John, Brad, Bob and Terry Winterbottom went to Dennis's place (his parents were out for a week). We got stoned before getting there. A few juicers + their chicks were there. Bennie phoned me up-I was pretty stoned at the time...


"Hi" she said. "Hi" I said "Hi"; "Hi", look what's happening at Dave's?'

"Nothing much" she said

"Oh...uh, well, I'm coming up in a little while"

"You might as well forget it" Click.


So I [?] up to Dave's where absolutely sweet fuck all was happening, made up with Bennie (she thought I didn't like her that much anymore) walked her home and split back to Dennis's at 12:00.


Me, Bennie, Murry, Cliff and Brian were really wired one night at Fairview. We trucked over to Murry's through an area I've never even seen before. We sat in his basement, wrecked out of our skulls.


Up at Fairview another time, we decided to go down to Ralph's. I split into the Manoir on the way, just for a beer. I ended up staying for over an to Ralph's at 10:00, we had to leave at 10:45 to get Bennie home for 11:30. At the Drop-in, I got stoned; Bennie got drunk, did a few tokes, and felt sick for the rest of the night....


Spent alot of time in the Manoir and at Dennis's, getting stoned. I bought a quarter-ounce of a hash with the money I made off the half-ounce mescaline.


The weather is finally getting warm.

Michelle and Rob