part II 1971-1977


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Gillian's bus came and she was not on it. I let Ralph pick a bus to get on for Dave Hughes 'cause 2 new which one I'd get on if he let me (Bennie's). He picked that one anyway and we pushed to the back. I sat on the floor and met a decent looking chick from my math class and her good looking friend.


Still quite stoned, we got off the bus a Westminster. Gillian got off one right behind us. We walked up the street, a little behind those other people. I snorted another cap and gave Ralph a snort.


We made it to Dave Hughes. He has a really cool splif-level house. All those people were there, drinking of course. Dave poured me a beer. It was quite a good night, my head kept getting fucked-up tho', 'cause his records kept skipping -I carried Connie's purse upstairs to the door for her because she had a heavy bottle of orange juice inside. Dave's father asked me if I was going to carry it home for her; I said no; and then he said what's wrong you too stoned? which sort of blew my brains a bit.


It's just like a fucking Peyton Place with those people, Patty was crying over Ralph, Ralph likes Pat, Heather still like me...


Heather, me and Ralph eventually split with Patty and Gillian. Patty went home, Gill thumbed a ride and the rest of us went into A+W to talk to Murry + Cliff. Murry was pissed off at Bennie 'cause she was in a cold-like mood all night and causequently so was Julie. He told me that she broke off with me so she could be free for her 16th birthday...I believed it, later on I changed my mind though. Anyway, he said it in front of Heather so I guess it's going to get around. Mauury also painted out (after Heather + Ralph had left) that Bennie went around with me 'cause I was a good ornament for a chick to have. Perhaps anyway, this fucked my head around a tree, the first time it had really happened. So what?


During after school gatherings we'd listen to the Live Earl Jive on CHOM (and he's have to play 'Tubular Bells' every day because it was still on the charts). During this time Disco appears (eg. Barry White). Also the time of Zappa's 'Apostrophy', and Paul McCartney's 'Band on the Run'.


Ralph and I were in the same typing class.


English class was a joke, hassling Mrs. McCrea was fun. One day she left the room for a moment. We (David Webb, Elaine Blair) took loose tiles from the floor and threw them around. The metal grill from a light was hit and came loose, we fixed it and the tiles, just sitting down as McCrea returned. A bit strange.


(Andy's) March 30, Saturday

Went to the Manoir got wrecked (mesc, grass, beer) had a good time, split north with some guys to Fairview village + Elm park chalets, both closed, went to MacDonald's and got ride home with Robbie Griffen.


March 30-31