part II 1971-1977


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Letter from Gillian written February 27, 1974 in Lennoxville:


Dear Alan


I just bought this brand new clean white paper and I have a stamp - so why not? We have been having some really nice smoke here. I bought a 1/4 ounce about three weeks ago and it was Mm-Mm-good! Today is the first day in Lent (Ash Wednesday) (Hash Wednesday). I'll smoke after school to celebrate!!! Right now I am in french class. Whoopee Shit!




Hello again.


Well what can I say? I talked to you on the phone yesterday. I spoke to you, Dave, my mother and Ralph's mother (he was out) all for free! Then I told a friend of mine about it and she phoned Ontario for 3 minutes ($1.90) and didn't get her money back. I laughed so hard and then she tried Montreal because she said that it would come back and it didn't so I got $4.40 of calls free and she lost $3.00.


It must have been my sex appeal!


Well, I hope when you get this, you will think "Ah, that sweet, dear girl all alone at boarding school. I simply must write her a letter". And then I hope that you will sit down and write. Oh by the way, in case you're interested, I'm coming home in three weeks on March 22 and that's only 22 days away so start saving your smoke. No, actually I'm going to try to bring some back with me somehow. Well, I think I will buy a dime today or if I can't get over to Bishop's University today I'll have to go on Saturday. My parents thought I was cured of my evil drug-taking habits so I guess I'm having a relapse (and what a big motherfucking relapse it is!)

Now I'm in Geography now and it is a thrilling class as you can probably tell because if it was interesting I wouldn't be writing you, but I'm going to sign off now because my teacher is giving me many dirty looks.


Love always




March 1974


"Je suis cool, je suis cool, je suis cool"


- Gilles Valliquette


March 1



(Andy's) March 1, Friday

Bennie's not too fucking ignorant-she planned to go to Murry's tonite-even though he could only have about six people, which would have left me out. Julie told me at lunch. At first I thought she was kidding, then I got really mad. Well, Julie told Bennie I would get pissed off if she did so she didn't. We met up at Fairview (where else?) along with Bernie. Mike Jeffries gave us a ride down to A.Rhodes place (we picked up some beer and smoked a few joints on the way). It was quite interesting at Alan's (he only bugs me at school). Tilden came over with some hash and got everybody (about twelve people) stoned. One good thing-Bennie had a good time.


March 3 Sunday

Filmed Mike, Rob and Michelle in the back yard having a snowball fight [Rob and Mish were not yet going out at this time (Mish and Foster were, Rob and Maggie had been) but it can be seen in this small piece of film that they just might...].


March 5 Tuesday

Filmed Rob, Foster, Maggie, Danny and myself in my room (in the brilliant afternoon sun).
































Many afternoons after school we'd go over to my place and sit in my room until about 5 or 6. This began in February/ early March?


Before one of these trips, Michelle had done quite a bit of mescaline. She was sitting in the backseat of my car, her books on her lap, saying she had to get her books. As we were driving, she asked if we were driving. In my room she ran around writing 'High' on everything.