part II 1971-1977


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February 1974


(Andy's) February 2, Saturday

On Saturday night, Westminster-Fairview village-Elm park held their carnival dance at Walter Penfield school at Westminster Park. Not too bad-Grippenmire (*) was playing-alot of drop-in + John Rennie people there. Really strange scene in the guys can-smoking a little dope, snorting mesc, talking. Bennie got wrecked and acted a bit weird. Lots of boppers.


February 3



February 4



February 7 Thursday

For my English class we went to see 'Macbeth' [directed by Roman Polanski, produced by Playboy. The film was more violent then the teacher Mrs. McCrea expected, and she walked out. There was also full frontal female nudity. It was a surprise for all of us]. Ralph was with us at least.


February 9

Dan here


Part of a conversation between Ralph and Andy recorded at my place Sunday February 10, 1974:






Andy -     Was I ever wrecked last night man. Like I had this cigarette, I had one cigarette, eh? and I thought I'd put it in my pocket...

Ralph -     I didn't know where I put...

Andy -     I'd put it inside my shirt so it was right there broken eh? Looking all over the house for it, I go

under the table and everything, so I put my hand here and there it is.

Ralph -     The one John gave you?

Andy -     It was down here.

Ralph -     The one John Tate gave you?

Andy -     Did we...yeah...

Ralph -     Yeah...

Andy -     We met John Tate. Oh right, tell me what happened after, ah...the ride home.

Ralph -     The ride home, we went into the halls. We called on, um...John and Randy, is that is brother's name? and so we asked him if he had a cigarette and he just said no, so we just sat down the hall and John walked in...

Andy -     I see.

Ralph -     ...and he gave us all a cigarette.

Andy -     And how long did we stay in the halls?

Ralph -     You left. You took the cigarette and you left.

Andy -     Did I say goodbye?

Ralph -     Yeah.

Andy -     Oh.

Ralph -     And ah...

Andy -     I remember falling asleep on Heather's shoulder in the car.

Ralph -     Oh really.

Andy -     But I can't remember getting into the car. And who was at McDonald's with us?

Ralph -     Gary.

Andy -     And that was it? And where were we sitting, at the back?

Ralph -     At the back.

Andy -     Right, now I remember.......Quite a good night. That mandrax is a nice straight.




* From an email from Timothy Campbell (Class of '74), May 13, 2001:

"I later met one of the members of Grippenmire when he became (believe it or not) a Jehovah's Witness, which I was then. I don't know if he remained one or not."


In 2004 while living in Toronto, I designed a website for Liz Tansey, who had been a member of Grippenmire in the late '70's...she also appeared in several episodes of the podcast era revival of The Psychotic Hour in 2005-06.


Grippenmire c. 1973

(photo Liz Tansey, seated with cat)