part II 1971-1977


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January 1974


I recently (June 1997) rediscovered some notes concerning December - May 1974, very short and of unknown origin (included in the 1977 additions). I include them in italics (they mainly consist of only the date and location. Except for May, they seems to be accurate)...


January 1



I read 'A Separate Peace' (112) on the 3rd and 4th.


We began to go to Mike's place at this time. We'd sit in his room or out in other parts of the house, drink instant coffee or watch TV. His house was at one time a summer cottage left over from the time when the area had been a resort town, it was an old place at least (and just around the corner from mine). It was a small bungalow on a small lot, with bushes and evergreens in front.


Legends of a party at Rob's c. January (possibly the 19th), referred to by Gillian on a tape (recorded c. 1976).


January 4



(Andy's) January 4, Friday

I've decided to try and get away from "the group" for awhile-Sue has gotten upset over me once or twice, while she was drunk, so I think I'll just stay out of trouble.


Tonight I went over to John Taite's and met Brad and Bob there. They had a mickey of Southern Comfort and one of rum, and we decided to go down to the Cartier bar. We sat there drinking and talking for awhile, and then Bob, John and me walked over to Gillian's at about 10:45. We only stayed for about 20 minutes, and on the way back I lost $80-my money for an ounce of hash. I had it in my sock [In the '80's Andy would keep his money in a small sock], but in the bar I took it out, gave 5$ to Brad and didn't put it back right. I went back along my route and looked but couldn't find it. However, all was not lost. I still had my post office check to buy dope with.


January 5



(Andy's) January 11, Friday Bob Dylan and the Band Concert

I spent $7:50 for the ticket, but it was worth it. I had some hash, Danny Envis [Hinves] had some grass and Heather + Pat brought 2 bottles of rum. Pat's sister drove us down, we got there at about 7:10. Pat+ Heather went into Alexis Nihon and Danny and me split to a tavern to look for some friends. We didn't find them so we went into the Forum. Our seats were in the whites, behind the stage. After awhile the girls showed up and gave us a bottle of rum as a present.


First Dylan + the Band came on together and did some of his new songs and some of his old ones done to electric music (lay, Lady, lay). Then Dylan went off and the Band did some of there stuff (Stage Fright, the shape I'm in, Up on Cripple Creek, the night they drove old Dixie down, the Weight) this was one of the high points. They were excellent.


After the break Dylan came on, alone, with his acoustic guitar and harmonica. He did some very good songs (Desolation Row, Just like a woman) but I didn't think it was as good as it could have been. He changed the tunes and the style too much, and anyways, the sound system was more for electric.


Then the Band came on again + played with Dylan. Everybody was getting into the music (Rag, mama, rag; it's all right ma, I'm only bleedin'). For the last song they put the house lights on. It took a lot of clapping, stomping and yelling to get them on again, but nobody really expected them not to. They did Like a Rolling Stone-this was the best part-put up the house lights and had everybody clapping, singing along + standing on their seats. Right after this song they split, which pissed me off a bit-they could have played a bit longer, considering me paid $7:50.


After the show we walked along St. Catherine's, looking for a place to eat. We didn't find one so we went to Alexis Nihon Plaza, where we met Dave Essiambre and Dave Hughes who had been out drinking. Pat's father gave us all a ride home.




112. One of the most homoerotic books ever offered in our high school.