part II 1971-1977


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"Thus it sometimes happens that the customs, behaviour, ceremonies and ways of life approved of at one period of time grow to be looked down on, and those which were once looked down on come to be approved."


Castiglione - The Courtier


September 1971


September 4 Saturday

Went to the town of Lachute, then to the farm we found out later we'd bought [20 miles up the Rouge River. It was about 350 acres. It was to be run as a cattle farm, with Sue and Paul living there. It turned out to be a disaster in more ways than one]. Had dinner at a restaurant, went to some rapids.


September 6 Monday

Went to Rea's house, then to Porter's.


September 8 Wednesday

First day of Grade 9.


September 13 Monday

Found out from Gail (from last year) that Laine had failed Grade 8 and he should be in Grade 11, and he was "going out" with a blond girl. He wasn't coming back to J.R. [began version 2 of my first photo album, replacing one begun June 28, 1970. This is the version that now exists, and contains photographs up to 1974].


September 14 Tuesday

Derek Shawn said Laine was at Lindsey Place.


September 15 Wednesday

History-they were moving the building (the one they were digging up near the Dairy Queen) through the front parking lot. [it ended up on St Charles Road].


[At this time (late on a Sunday night (9)) I first saw 'Monty Python's Flying Circus' on TV, and the first time I didn't get the joke...]




9. In fact this may not have been the case. According to an article reviewing MPFC's first movie in the Montreal Gazette on May 6, 1972, the show was aired on Thursday nights at 9:30. It also states that by that date, CBC was no longer airing the show.


The first show I saw seems to have been show 9 from season 1 (aired in England on December 14, 1969). Though I was familar with some of the shows (show 25 season 2 containing "Spam" and show 22 season 2 containing "the penquin on the telly"), when I saw the first movie on May 1972, most of the pieces in the film were new to me, even though they came from the same seasons.


CBC probably aired the 26 shows then available (which if they did begin in September 1971) would take it up to c. March 1972.