part II 1971-1977


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August 11 Wednesday

Robert Rea and Wayne [a friend] came over, in the den with guitar and tape [which did not survive. In our den at home was a stereo and a reel to reel recorder]. Rea phoned Laine.


August 13 Friday

Went to Rea's, he had a balloon chair (his "King Shit" chair). Wayne and a dirt blond guy there.


August 16 Monday

Went to the shops with Liz, then to Penthurst Park, on the see-saw. nite-went to see the movie 'Willard' at the Palace with Sue, Paul and Barb [Westwater, a friend of Sue's]. On the way to her seat Barb dropped all her popcorn. When we got out we were in the alley [funny after a movie of rats]. Paul drove fast on the way home [80 in a 40mph zone].


August 17 Tuesday

Took the train [I had a first class ticket, and a woman next to me asked "Are you sure you're on the right train?"] to Toronto, and stayed at Sheila's house in Pickering [Bay Ridges. Audio recordings and photos survive of this trip. The song 'Riders on the Storm ' and Paul McCartney's 'Ram' album reminds me of it, also 'Rolling Stone', with ads for 'Who's Next' and Pink Floyd's 'Relics'].


August 19 Thursday

We went to the Ontario Science Centre [at which Sheila spent the afternoon trying to find out how I felt about her].


August 21 Saturday

Went swimming for the first time in two years at a beach near the [Pickering] nuclear power station [wonderful]. nite-went to a drive-in, saw two 'Carry-on' pictures [one was 'Carry On Up the Kiber'].


August 23 Monday

Got the 'Go' train to the C.N.E.


August 26 Thursday

Returned to Montreal [that trip to Toronto would have been a heterosexual boy's dream, as Sheila tried to seduce me more than once (her parents even left us alone). Trouble was...]


[during this trip I bought the album 'Joe Cocker'. I was also listened to Leon Russel's 'Shelter People' that summer]


August 27 Friday

My British grandparents visiting.


August 28 Saturday

Went to a party at Tom and Diane's with Sue and Paul [photos survive]. Played the drug game (8) .




8. 'Feds & Heads' featuring The Freak Brothers, that came in the September issue of 'Playboy'. Based on Gilbert Shelton's underground comix, the Freak Brothers game ("a game of pot luck - wherein one tries to keep on the grass while avoiding the attendant pitfalls of rip-offs, bummers, burns and busts.") was roughly modeled on 'Monopoly'. One scored from such characters including 'Dealer McDope', 'Groover McTuber's' and 'Skinny Benny's'. Penalty cards were of two types: 'Weird Trips' and 'Burns, Busts, Bummers & Rip-offs'. ("The spirit of love fills your soul. Give one ounce to each player"..."Keep this card until you get home. Read it carefully, smile, and put it away as if it were very valuable. Actually, it is only a psychological weapon").