part II 1971-1977


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Excerpts from a letter written September 24, 1973 from Donna to Gillian


Hi Gillian:


I heard that you wrote at Allan and all of them. Did you know that Andy is going out with Dave's sister Sue. I went to the drop-in on Saturday and saw them together was really surprised. Dave and I spent Sat. shopping cause I got my paycheck Saturday we are going downtown. After Dave and I finished shopping he came home with me and stayed for supper cause my mother asked him to. Then we went to the Drop-In. While I was there I did a cap of mesc but didn't get off as well as last time remember June 18th (97) ...called Allan tonight and he is stoned as usual so the conversation didn't last long cause when he is stoned it really gets to me talking to him on the phone cause I don't acomplish anything. Have you gotten stoned since you have been there and when do you come home again for a holiday...two weekends ago I spent Saturday night at Dave's watching Bonnie and Clyde it was really good. Afterwards we went to the Drop-In but there wasn't anyone there so we couldn't figure out what was wrong and apparently the place had been busted by the cops and hauled some of the kids off so now if we want to smoke or drink we have to go in back or to the field. This weekend wasn't bad though cause they had a really good stereo there...I got a postcard from Dave Jones about two weeks ago he and Pete were on their way to California and he decided to drop a note saying he was fine and a hello. He's not going to move back in with his parents thinks he'll get another job when ever he reaches where ever he wants to go and that was all he said. There was no return address but I feel like calling Pete's parents to see if they have one. Wouldn't mind seeing the guy and thought it was really nice of him to drop me a note in the first place cause he didn't have to but when I saw Pete a while back I asked him to say hi for me. It [was] too bad Dave was still a virgin cause I wouldn't have minded getting it on with him....


(Andy's) September 28-31

Terrible 3-day weekend. Got drunk Thursday night but Sue + Dave E. got into a big hassle with their babysitter + that pretty well ruined the night. Friday I got drunk again and went to Peter McKinstry's party (what a drag). I hardly saw Sue at all, the party ended at 10, Sue got mad at me for hitting Alan's car with an empty case of 12 (that shit was tearing up and down Seigniary park road, reving his fucking engine) (98).


On Saturday we drank (again) at the drop-in, (Sue was at her cottage) Shit!.

(Pat has finally hooked Danny-no more crying from her for awhile)




97. On November 30, 1996 Gillian solved the mystery of this reference. Gillian, Linda and Donna went down to Montreal West to Ken's (a friend of Gillian's, drummer for a band called 'Elevation'). Once there they scored pink mesc...Gillian had to leave, but Hugh Edwards was told by Gillian that Donna had alway wanted to sleep with a black guy. Turned out he had Donna and Linda at the same time..he phoned Gillian the next day to thank her.


98. Late one night, around South West One, some of us got rowdy. Andy and Larry were on the street, Ralph and I were in the car. We drove towards them, Andy claimed he threw a beer case at the car, this is probably true, it was Larry who threw glass, which both Ralph and I heard breaking. At first we thought it was a headlight. Others were there too.-This is how I recalled it, and until receiving Andy's journal placed this event in the summer of 1973. Thus are legends born...