part II 1971-1977


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July 24 Saturday

Went to Fairview, bought 'Aqualung', met Cherryl.


July 28 Wednesday

After class went to Rea's house, to his guitar studio [Robert played, his hero was John Lennon]. Brenda was there. [and with these trips to Robert's I was on the path to meeting Lesley, and all that followed. Funny how things work...].


July 31 Saturday

Watched guys on the moon in colour, big party downstairs [a business party, my father worked for Bechtel Engineering. At this time I believe he was a Vice-President].


August 1971


Letter from Sheila written August 5, 1971 from Silver Lake Prov. Park, Ontario


Hello Love,


 How is you? I've been away for 6 days now 9 days to go then I can get you up here. God, did I ever miss our weekly phone call on Sunday! I have to miss my Sunday fun this coming weekend, too. Oh well, as soon as I get back I can see you in living color. I swear, Alan, when I meet you at that train I'll probably kiss you. So you better get rabies preventive shots. Did Florabelle get my mother's letter? Have you seen Liz? Can she come up? I hope, hope, hope so. We'll have an absolute riot. Melody & Frank (Mel's boyfriend) wanted to come with me to meet you as the official welcoming party but they both have to work so you'll have to make do with l'il ol'me. Would you mind bringing the following things up with you? Just check them off as you gather them so you don't forget anything, ok darling?


1) yourself (my dearly beloved boyfriend)

2) Liz (my bestest friend in the world)

3) your camera (film might come in handy)

4) money (tons of it) not that one

5) all the letters I've written you (tell Liz to do the same)

6) tape recorder (send a nasty speech to the GROUP)

7) records (I do have a stereo you know)


a) Sticky Fingers

b) Hendrix stuff

c) Grand Funk stuff

d) any good stuff you've got, because I can't remember all the records you've got

8) your suede jacket (so I can borrow it) not that one

9) something to go swimming in (tell Liz to bring the same)

10) your love, hugs & kisses for me


That's about all I can think of for you to need right now. By the way when I said something to got swimming in, I didn't mean a pool, I have a whole unpolluted lake up here. You know the Silver Lake place we vacationed in last year? That's where I am now. This morning I got up at 7 o'clock, got into the car with Daddy & Uncle Frank (who is vacationing with his family with us) and drove all the way to Newcastle which is 2 1/2 hours from Silver Lake we stayed there for 1/2 hour and now I'm in the process of driving back. right now we're stopped in front of the Liquor commission (of course) hic!!


Oh well, I've got 4 headaches in one head. So I must stop writing before I faint.


Bye Love


I'll see you soon soon soon!!!


I love you, when you get up I'll tell you that myself.


All my Love, Sheila Charli Cuddles


xxxooo--- you'll get that when you get up here. You going to like that?