From my telephone number book (c.1973-74):

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Lesley Astle 695-4518 Diane Bouchard 626-3061 Ralph and Danielle deSmit 697-3499 Phyl Dowse 683-8836 Heather Cashin 697-5723 Dave and Sue Essiambre 626-1098 Judy Franklin 695-5873 Robert Fenoulhet 695-2220 Pat Ford 626-2288 Jarry Habel old 626-2269 new 697-7976 Danny Hinves 626-0868 Michelle Jorden 626 5485 Donna Kerr old 695-3026 new 626-4396 A+W 620-0501 Andy McLelland 697-2909 Jane Patterson 697-9189 Rhodes 695-5749 Gillian Simons 697-5866 Chris Todd 697-9897 Terry & Scott Wilkinson 697-2999 Maggie Watson 626-9060...

September 1973

Andy, Larry and Ralph

The only datable events for September:

From Gillian
September 1 Saturday
Today Mom and Dad went out. Alan, Phyl and Mike Sawyers came over. We go really stoned. (Crème de Menthe, which was in a hookah, was spilled on a white carpet and flipped over to hide it). After supper, Donna and I went to Ken's and afterwards to the Drop-In at Fairview Village. One ounce [of marijuana] in two days.

J.R.R. Tolkein dies September 2nd.

From Gillian
September 3 Sunday
Today I went to Alan's during the day [Trever's and Ken's after dinner].

From Gillian
September 4 Tuesday
Today I went to Dave's. After supper I thumbed around with Abby.

September 5 Wednesday
The beginning of Grade 11.

From the little brown book:

Sept 5, 1973
stoned in spare waiting for French

September 9 Sunday
Filmed Ralph, Andy, Larry and myself beside the Lincoln in my driveway. We are attacked by a bee while smoking a joint on camera. View it here. Flash 6 plug-in required.

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