six people I've written to have answered-- you and Cathy Harvey. Also now I have written to everybody twice. I love writing letters (in case you hadn't noticed [)]. How is Alan? I think I will write to him when I am in the Orkneys. We have our huge differences but he's still OK I guess. I have finally met some seventeen-year old guys (two of them in fact). The lady I am staying with introduced me to one of them. Last night, they took me drinking. By the way, I had to practically kill Abby to get to read the letter. She said it was not to us but just to her. She is mad because I got a letter yesterday and she didn't. So please next time you write, write to us seperately or just to me or just to her so that we don't have this hassle. I hope your summer is going well. It sounds like there are more boring times than good. I hope things start looking up. Soon we start youth hostelling. Speaking of youth hostelling, I just found out that I have relatives and places to stay in France, Germany and Austria. Next year I hope to be able to go to Europe. I think it would be great if you and maybe one other person could do this too. I'm sorry if you think I'm crazy but I guess I am. Your letter reached me in plenty of time. Keep well, smoke well, drink well and (anything else naughty) well

Love + kisses


August 3 Friday
This may have been the night we saw five 'Planet of the Apes' movies at the Dollard Drive-In. Heavy fog rolled in though, and we had to leave. Donna, Andy, Dave? Ralph? Larry?

[Ralph's-3 August/73

I was there for the Planet of the Apes all-nighter at the Dollard drive-in. So was Dave. Wasn't he sitting on the hood of the car at some point on the long and slow drive home through the fog?]

August 8 Wednesday
Went to a park in Beaconsfield to watch the CHOM baseball team. Doug Pringle was there.


August 11 Saturday
Pictures taken at Fairview of Donna, Lesley and I. nite-a dull night at the Drop-In (here in its first contemporary reference - see below). Donna, Ralph, Dave, Andy and I went to Donna's. I got drunk, either at the Drop-In or Donna's. Soon Donna was nude on the bed. One by one the others left (I'm sure she would have slept with all of us, but we weren't ready for that yet). I fell asleep on the bed and woke up about 7 am, and left. Donna called later and asked what happened.

August 21 Tuesday
Went to my old church in Roxboro for a boring coffee house with Ralph, Andy and Phyl Douce (who's idea it was). I hadn't been in the church since 1965.

August 22-29 Wednesday-Wednesday
Trips to Roxboro in the car. On one we were stopped by the police on 14th Ave and our descriptions taken.

Gillian returns from England on August 22 Wednesday

From Gillian
August 23 Thursday
Today I visisted Hugh and his new girlfriend. They came back here. Alan R. came over. After dinner I went to Alexander Park. Met Ivan, Glenn and Judy.

August 24-25 Friday-Saturday
Filmed, including Phyl and Larry outside of Dave's.

From Gillian
August 24 Friday
Today I went to a 12 hour party on Dollard. Got stoned. Was with Larry Habel. Good time.

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