part II 1971-1977


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July 7 Saturday

I remember Donna, Dave and others here. I drew on the paper sleeve of my copy of 'Meddle' by Pink Floyd. We were stoned, and filmed a bit [and in this film is recorded the fact that I grew a small marijuana plant in a glass vase].


Gillian went to England on July 10 Tuesday


Letter from Gillian to Ralph and Danielle, postmarked Leicester, 12 July, 1973


Dear Ralph + Danielle


Hi! How are you? I had a pretty good flight over. I met lots of really nice people. Most of them were in their twenties though I enjoyed meeting them. We got to London for 9, and then went to Leicester where I am now. I am having an OK time except that I get homesick but so far I'm not. Abby says hi. I hope that you both will write but I will only be here until July 30. After that I will be in London for 4 days and then in northern Scotland for the rest of the time. I will have an address in London so if letters arrive here late, they will be forwarded to London and I will get them just before I leave. I suppose that's better than nothing. Abby has been ripping me off for all my notepaper. Last night I slept for 16 and a half hours. I don't feel quite so tired anymore (NO KIDDING). I will write again soon but now there is nothing left to say.





P.S. Have a good summer.


July 13 Friday

Got my first Levis jean jacket [stolen from my van at Fairview, August 19, 1976].


July 19 Thursday

Saw 'A Clockwork Orange' with Linda, Donna and Ralph at Fairview Cinema possibly on this date [for which we were under age...or perhaps Donna wasn't?].


[Ralph's-19 July, 1973

I don't think we were underage for "A Clockwork Orange". I'm pretty sure that when the film first came out it was rated as "14 and over", and only became X-rated later on. I do recall that Linda kept walking out, being grossed out by the violence.]


Letter from Dave Essiambre to Ralph, postmarked Ayers Cliff, PQ, 23 VII 73


c/o Mrs. Clark

PO Box 185

July 22/73


Dear Ralph and family + friends:


I bring great tidings of excitement (yawn) although I would much rather have opened with "Hi" or something simple like that. How are things now that all of Montreal has evacuated, save you and Alan? Still constantly trying to find out what to do at nights? If so-- you lose!


Been getting lots of sun-- would rather have burnt into oblivion, rather than enduring such a burning fortune. Went to see "The Godfather" over the border last night. Fantastic. Lots of parts have been left out in others' description of this flick. What was so great about the goddam horse's head? Nothing! Other parts were twice if not three times as good. Will describe when I get home. Further-- I am going to see "Deliverance" next Friday. Deathly anxious. Heard so much about it.