part II 1971-1977


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April 26/73 Thursday

To the Ugliest Scab of them All,

No, I wouldn't like to think that you're changing your mind (or should I say settling your mind) because of what I said. Maybe I shouldn't have said it. Oh well, I didn't say a thing about going downtown to Anyone, anyway. You said you didn't want them around much longer. How much is much longer? Until you turn 18?

You were supposed to phone me at 7:00-Anyway I'll be hearing from you tonight and we shall discuss it.



April 27/73 Friday

Congratulations! you-yes, you-Mr Alan Rhodes-have been nominated The Scrag of the Year Award!

Lucky you-you are one of the many lucky people who have been nominated from year to year-on April 27! Well-Well-Well-May I shake the hand of the celebrity for today?

Hi Alan

Down to business-I am extremely angry with my mother. I think I'll downtown even if she is mad. Mark's father and sister are going away for the whole weekend neat Tonight (did you phone Jan?) I guess we'll go downtown.

So it's settled. Even if I have to say I'm going to Fairview. I'm going to say that you have to get two albums, Mark's getting an album, and you're looking for a jacket. Mais non? Bain Oui! Nous irons a Montreal àpres souper. Oui? My pants split. Do you have thread?

List of other places we could go:

Fairview-ugh Mark's-you'd be bored

Dorval-whoppee Jan's-aha!

I'll speak to you in Art.

Bye Grisencibel


[I do remember going downtown with Lesley and Mark. We wandered around the Atwater area with really nothing to do]


April 30 Monday

Art-talked to Lesley and Linda. History-Andy told me [Foster] Tilden was busted with mesc. Lunch-Linda, Bob, Andy, Donna and Mike out at the back. Linda and Andy went to Dave's [who's place had become the place to party during and after school. (Andy and Ralph told me on August 11, 1994, that at one of these afternoons Linda had asked them to whip her with a belt...)]. Donna, Mike and I went to the student's lounge with Lesley, Mark and Christine. Got one joint from Ralph Bird as a treat. English-talked about girls with Webb, Wiener and Niven.


Unrecorded events from April & May: