part II 1971-1977


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April 13 Friday

B(spare)-Christine, Dave, Donna, Andy, Tom. Student's lounge, outside. Heard some guy was busted. Lunch-Lesley, Mark, Ralph, Mike. Donna, Dave, etc. French-didn't go. Mark, Lesley, Ralph, Dave, Christine and Debbie. English-Pound filming more, got picture taken [I'm not sure why, I think he was photographing as many boy as he could get away with]. Dave in class. nite-Donna's, went about 4:30. Mark and Chuck [and Lesley and Christine were there at least, with beer (Lesley reminded me of this in March 1978)].


April 14 Saturday

Downtown with Donna and Ralph. nite-[Donna, Chuck and I smoked up in the driveway sitting in the Lincoln, then we went to a] coffee house [at the Unitarian Church. After maybe went to] Dave's, Ralph [there?].


April 15 Sunday

Lesley's, afternoon-in car-Judy, R (Ralph?).


April 16 Monday Holiday

Mark's [in Sainte-Genevieve in a ground floor apartment facing Rivière des Prairies] Christine and Lesley. [Mark played electric] guitar. nite-Dave's. Janet, Mark, Lesley, Ralph and Donna. Lost my lighter.


April 17 Tuesday Holiday

Bob's. Mark, Lesley, Donna, Dave. Boredom, drove to the Pits. nite-Donna's, left at 7:30.


April 18 Wednesday Holiday

Bob's-2 girls, Peter, a guy, Donna. nite- The Pits. Linda, Ralph, Mike, Donna.


April 19 Thursday Holiday

Bob's. Percey, Mark, Donna ([?] one Lesley's). nite-Bob's. Fight [that night Linda was doing a striptease in the next room with Dave, Ralph and Andy. Lesley, Mark and I were talking (rather loudly and not approvingly) about her. She heard, insults flew. In fact, what was happening is quite normal for sixteen year olds, and I for one should not have judged anyone...the night did not end well].


April 20 Friday Holiday

Donna's. Percey, Nancy, bob-swimming. [because of the fight, the group split for awhile into May. I hung around with Donna and her Beaconsfield friends: Percey and Nancy. Around this time I got Led Zeppelin's 'Houses of the Holy'].


All records but two are silent for April 21-29, some drawings and three notes written by Lesley.


Three notes from Lesley:


April 25/73 Wednesday

Hai (Alluitious)

Remember the good old days when we used to write notes everyday in French, and after french we'd give in all our little scraps? It was usually for some reason like 'Are you coming to Dave (the gross suck's) funeral? Ha-ha-remember that? Or an apology for a fight? well, we do have a problem-Are you going to phone Jan tonight? Where to go Friday night? I hope you tow work out. (not literally!) (dirty minded son of a.....)

I'm in French now, bored off my buns (it looks funny sitting with my buns raised about 2 inches off the chair) Heh heh heh heh

Oh where, oh where did the good old days go? Oh where, oh where can they be? With his tail cut short [?] cut long, oh where oh where can he be...

Phone me at 7:00 today-okay?

Bai Grisencibel


[Jan seems to be someone Lesley was trying to match me with, I have no memory of it]



Dave and Ralph