part II 1971-1977


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‚ÄčApril 5 Thursday

B(spare)-Dave went to the shops. Christine and I sat by St John's for a smoke, snow melting. Art-Dave in the class. Started plan for a drawing. Lunch-Mike, Andy, Ralph, Dave etc. They went to the aud for a smoke. English ?-lowered a light on Howard(?).


April 6 Friday

B(spare)-Dave, Christine, Linda, Donna and Andy. Dave brought his new T-Rex record (92). Art-drew, Linda posed. Lunch-Lesley, Mark Whitehead, Ralph, Mike, Andy, Dave, Donna, Sue and Diane. Mike, Ralph and I smoked up at the side. nite-Dave's. Met Ralph at Fairview at 7, went to Dave's. Christine there. Went to the field and smoked, watched planes. Went back in, at 10 Christine left and we went to McDonald's, met Andy there. [This entry is the last to mention Diane. I remember going to visit her one night at a new? house in Dollard, walking across boards over mud on the lawn. I was with Dave and Ralph?]


Here continuity ends (June 30, 1970-April 6,1973). Events become confused, this is a reconstruction.


April 7 Saturday

Photos of Lesley, Mark [the only one, pictured at right] and myself taken at Fairview.


April 8 Sunday

The first time I took the Lincoln out by myself. It was a 1966, two door, powder blue, black top, electric everything, gas gussling, two ton, decadent drugged teenager's dream.


Went to Lesley's at night, people there, I don't remember who. Some of us went out to the Gulf station at Sources and the 2&20 to fill the car. I didn't drive very well then.


April 9 Monday

[possibly Dave's in the afternoon].


April 10 Tuesday

Lunch-Linda, Andy, Ralph, Donna, Mike. Outside at the front by the small door then the student's lounge.


April 11 Wednesday

B(spare)-Dave, Donna, Andy, Tom, Christine. Student's lounge, outside at back. Ruth and Linda came. Lunch-Lesley, Mark, Dave, Donna, Andy, Ralph, Sue, Mike, Linda. Student's lounge, outside. In the lounge seeing what animals each other looked like. After school went driving with Lesley and Judy.


April 12 Thursday

B(spare)-Christine, Dave, Donna, Bob, Tom, Andy, Linda. Out at back, student's lounge. Art-painted, argued with Lesley and Linda about drinking [I would have taken the con]. Lunch-smoked up at the back, Dave, Ralph, Linda, Tom, Andy. Sat with Lesley, Mark, Sue, Christine, Donna and Bob. Little kids in the student's lounge. English-Pound taking pictures, guy all wet [hummm...] [nite-out?]




92. Tanx. By this time I was no longer a fan of T-Rex, an phenomena that seemed to be quiet common. The last song I had liked was the B-side of the Canadian release of 'Metal Guru', a song called 'Lady'. I had a passing interest in their last singles of 1972; 'Children of the Revolution', 'Solid Gold Easy Action' and '20th Century Boy', but by then their sound had become bloated and predicable. Their film 'Born to Boogie' (which we had heard of in 1972), which was released on the last day of 1972, I don't believe ever made it to Montreal.