part II 1971-1977


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March 26 Monday

Lunch-sat at the side with Ralph, Dave, Donna, Mike and Andy.


March 27 Tuesday

Lunch-sat at the side with Dave, Ralph, Donna, Mike and sometimes Andy. Ralph said 'Seig Heil' to Pound [why I don't know].


March 28 Wednesday

B(spare)-sat at the side with Dave, Donna and Christine. Lunch-at the side by French [?] with Donna, Ralph, Lesley, Sue, Bob, Mike, Andy and Ruth. Dave came, other people, game with a switch blade. English-talked to Niven and Wiener.


[Led Zeppelin's 'Houses of the Holy' is released]


March 29 Thursday

B(spare)-Christine, Andy, Dave, Donna and Tom Nugent. Sat in the lounge and outside. Lunch-at the side with Mike, Dave, Tom, Lesley and Bob. Smoked some weed. My driver's licence came in the mail. nite-Donna's. Chuck, Mike, Ralph, Andy, Dave. Smoked. Dave and Andy speeding.


March 30 Friday Holiday

Went to Fairview, got jeans. Met Donna, Andy and a guy Adrian. Got running shoes. Sat in Harvest House [the notorious Harvest House (a cafeteria/restaurant next to Woolworth's), hangout of loitering drugged teenagers, as their matches proudly proclaimed "Where Eating Out is Fun"]. Went to Dave's, sat in the livingroom. Ralph and Ruth were there. Linda came, smoked some hash. Ralph left about 4. At 5:30 Andy, Donna and I got the bus to Fairview. Andy went home and Donna and I did shopping at Steinberg's. Went back to the apt. About 7-7:30 Ralph came, then Mike. Dave and Linda too. At 10 went to Ralph's, met Andy and Adrian on the way (they came too) [it was around this time that a comedy show was airing on television about a small french village and their first public urinal. Ralph and Mike liked it.(see March 15)]


March 31 Saturday

[a muddled entry] Parent's out, here. Dave, Linda, Ralph, Donna, Chuck. About 7 station [??]. Bob's at night, Andy too (very stoned we were).



April 1973


April 1 Sunday

Here [that's all the original says. Ralph and Linda were here in the basement. Linda talked about the foreplay she enjoyed (she had quite a reputation by now) and how when she had first met us she though we were so cool, but now...I went out with my father to drive the Lincoln for the first time (in the rain). We drove along Gouin east of Roxboro. Ralph and Linda stayed at my place while I was out].


April 2 Monday

Lunch-student's lounge with Lesley, Sue, Ralph, Andy, Mike,Tom, Dave and Bob.


April 3 Tuesday

Lunch-Dave, Linda, Donna, Ralph, Tom, Andy and Mike. Student's lounge and outside at the back. English-talked to Wiener and Niven about dope.


April 4 Wednesday

B(spare)-made a 2 layered pile of benches in the lounge. Andy, Christine, Dave, Donna, Tom. Outside at the back. Lunch-student's lounge. Dave, Ralph, Linda, Andy, Mike, Donna, Bob. Out at back. Lesley was talking to the new guy with long [blond] hair [Mark Whitehead. She'd had her eye on him since he'd first come to school] by phone. English-left early, sat in the upper aud lobby. Met Chris on the way out. He asked me my Chem mark, he got 74% (I got 62%) [this was before Math and Physics become an interest of mine at school, in the spring of 1974. What with drugs and skipping classes, it's a wonder I passed anything at all, but I did]. [nite-drove the Lincoln with my father].