part II 1971-1977


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Sunday, March 18

Did nothing. Around six I called Alan a few times to see if anything was happening but there wasn't.


March 19 Monday

Got 4 joints, wore new coat (suit coat from Nov 4). Lunch-Ralph, Christine, Donna, Sue, Bob and Lesley. Bob, Lesley and Ralph smoked up.


March 20 Tuesday

Before Chem I saw someone I knew but didn't remember who it was until Lunch, Tommy Mooney from summer 1969 and Grade 8. Chem-T.Brown threw Dave, Christine and I out in the last 10 minutes. Lunch-Lesley, Dave, Ralph, Sue, Donna, Andy, Mike and Bob. Outside. English-got out. Pound was taking pictures in the Great Hall. Went with Donna outside at the back, and the student's lounge.


March 21 Wednesday

B(spare)-Christine, Dave, Donna, Andy and other people out at back. Lunch-Dave, Andy, Ralph, Donna, Mike in the student's lounge, out at the back.


This is the last entry in the journals begun June 30, 1970 (996 days). Continuity ends on April 6th. Except for 1977, they will not reach this detail again until 1980.


March 22 Thursday

B(spare)-I can't remember. Lunch-Ralph, Mike, Dave, Andy out at the side sitting-girl with ball from gym. nite-at Donna's swimming. Ralph, Chuck, Bob, Dave Wells and Dave [which reminds me...I don't know if it was this night but, once in the lockerroom of Donna's pool Dave Wells (who's friend he was I don't remember) waited until all the others had left and asked me to help him get the string of his bathing suit undone. We used my lighter. I felt this was a come-on then and I still of these nights they threw me in the pool clothed...].


Thursday, March 22

[After school]...Parents weren't home. Sat in living room listening to "Trilogy" [Pink Floyd? Emerson, Lake and Palmer?] [Emerson, Lake and Palmer]. Dave came back from Montreal General [one of his check-ups for his bout with gonorrhoea, I believe]. We sat and listened to records and read Xaviera Hollander (apparently he met her at A&A Records autographing books) [that "apparently" indicates my nagging doubts about Dave's veracity]. He smoked up in the backyard. We ate hot dogs and went to Donna's. Smoked up on the way. Alan, Bob [Kerr] and Dave Wells came later, Chuck was there. Smoked up on the balcony. Went to the pool and had a bit of a water fight. At 9:30 we went back to the apt to get our stuff and we left.


March 23 Friday

B(spare)-Dave, Donna, Andy and other people, pipes. Lunch-Dave, Ralph, Mike. Tilden smoked us up. nite-Donna's. Andy, Ralph, Mike. Smoked, left at 10.


Friday, March 23

...Lunch- ...Alan bought hash for his sister. Decided to go to Donna's tonight. Went outside. Foster smoked us up....

[Here, for all intents and purposes, ends my record of "those days"...]


March 24 Saturday

My place (parents out), Andy, Mike, Donna, Dave, Ralph. Smoked in the kitchen with cider.


March 25 Sunday

My place. Donna, Ralph, Lesley, Andy. Basement after. Dave came, pizza. Hide and Seek outside [using the surrounding streets. It felt like spring].