part II 1971-1977


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Letter written by Sheila June 21, 1971 from Pickering, Ontario


Hi Lambchop!


How ya doin? How's school you poor childie? I'm very bored. That's why I'm writing to you, thinking of you and Liz is the farthest thing from boredom I know of. Another 2 days till you get out eh? What are you going to do all summer? I think I can come sown home sometime this summer. Ah, "Sparks" on my tommy album. Beauty song! I got Tommy on Monday night last week. Tonight is the longest daylight time of the year and at 9:20 tonight I'm going to run around our half-acre backyard screaming "It's summer now and soon I can got home to Al and Liz!" What ever will the neighbours think? Now I'm listening to the 'Hawker!' Remember how you dedicated that to me at Easter... I phoned Liz weekend before last. Apparently neither of you are having a very nice time. When I phoned her, the letter I was telling you about when you phoned me was 25 pages long. I'll send this book down in parts. Ask Liz to show you the letter I just finished writing to her, on this epistle are some parts of group drawings (the sections of me, you & Liz to be exact) I know they're awful, but I simply can't draw. The 26th draws closer. Mr & Mrs Rhodes, you cut one hair on his head an' I'm gonna melt your scissors. I like it long! You tell them that proclamation. Now then Led Zeppelin 3. How are Robbie, Kenny, Stevie, George Kacha etc? Give them my love if you see them over the holidays. Please answer all the questions in this letter, I want answers to each & every one. How are the critters in the group? All dying of the plague (Laine) no doubt. Oh must close now for two reasons: a) if the letter is short mummy can send it off this afternoon with Liz's letter.


b) Sesame Street is just about to start. I love you, Alan. All my Love Sheila J. Cuddles




June 22 Tuesday

The day of Team 2 Track and Field, but I went to Fairview.


June 24 Thursday

Sue, Paul [Susan, my sister and her then husband Paul] and I saw 'Escape from the Planet of the Apes' in Dorval. nite-went to a restaurant in the Pointe Claire village, then went down by the lake to see fireworks and the bonfire [St Jean Baptiste Day].


June 26 Saturday

The washing machine [the old wringer type] fell out of the truck when Paul came and got it.


June 27 Sunday

Went to Roxboro [where Sue and Paul were living]. Saw Sharron [a friend from 1960-65] on 19th ave [and I'm not sure she remembered me].


June 30 - [Three Russian cosmonauts die returning to Earth. I heard the announcement on a transistor radio in my room]