part II 1971-1977


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March 1973


March 1 Thursday

B(spare)-with Dave, Andy and other people in the student's lounge. Smoked one of Dave's joints [outside]. Lunch-student's lounge with Dave, Ralph, Donna, Lesley, Rob E and Andy.


March 2 Friday

B(spare)-with Dave, Donna and Andy in the student's lounge and outside at the side. Lunch-Lesley was on the phone to Rob, then we went out with Dave, Donna, Ralph and Andy at the side. English-Pound took 35 pictures of Rod Smith [yeah, I'll bet he did...], then he talked about 2001 (movie). nite-Rob, Lesley and I hitchhiked to Fairview. We met Christine, Lesley and she went to her house, Rob and I walked around Fairview, then we hitchhiked to Christine's (near King Street). We waited in the basement of an unfinished house [he had to wait to make sure here parents were out], then we went to Christine's (we weren't supposed to be there). At about 9:30 we all went back to the basement and smoked up. At about 10:30 we (Rob and I) hitchhiked home.


On May 14, 1995 Ralph supplied yet more material pertaining to this confused period...


Friday, March 2

...Lunch: Sat in lounge. Alan and Lesley are being irritable [sic] cause they're hanging around with other people who we aren't allowed to meet. They keep insulting us, secrets etc. Went out for a cigarette...


Dave came here cause I took his bus tickets last night at Donna's [?]. Andy wanted us to come to the Manoir tonight since there's nothing else to do as Alan and Lesley are going to Christine's for supper. Donna called to ask what was going on tonight and we said we were going to the Manoir and she didn't want to come. After she'd hung up, we decided it would be nice to go swimming first...[endless detail about attempts to call Donna back]. So we went over [to Donna's] and went swimming. [While we were there] Andy called and said we needed ID cards to get in [the Manoir], so Dave and I couldn't go (86). Nobody had cigarettes and I was the only one with money (25 cents) so we cashed in the coke bottles and we had 53 cents (Dave had 3 cents). Donna had 2 cents so we had 55 cents but the cigarettes were 60 cents [presumably at the shop at Southwest One] so me and Dave walked to the Apothecary and I bought a pack and Dave took [ie: stole] one [Dave and I had become quite adept at shoplifting cigarettes- we used to take cartons at a time from the old A & P in DDO next to Macdonald's. My career in petty crime ended about two months later when I was caught stealing a pack of Export "A" Mediums at the Fairview Pharmacy on a Thursday night in May]. Went back to Donna's and watched TV (Room 222, Odd Couple and half of Love American Style). Her brother came home at 10:30. Dave called Jackie (a girl he knew from J.R. last year) and asked if we could come over. On the way to her apartment we passed the front door where Andy and two other people were trying to get in. They were roaring drunk. We all went to Jackie's apartment and Andy kept apologizing and asking if he wasn't imposing. His two friends were real juicer-jock St. T. [ie: St Thomas H.S.] tuffs. Left Jackie's at 11, walked home. (87)




86. Ralph's note: I recall another occasion which must have taken place around this time when I tried to get into the Manoir with ID borrowed from Donna, naively assuming that the doorman wouldn't notice the name on the card. Very embarrassing. It also reminds me that the last time I got "carded" was in the spring of 1987, at the Annex on Bishop St., by a door man who was probably ten years younger than me. Nice to cause a doorman embarrassment for a change.


87. Ralph's note: What an incredibly dull night. I can't believe the details I felt were worthy of recording, while completely ignoring other, more salient points of interest. Who was Jackie? The following Sunday (March 4) Dave and I went over there again and got drunk on rum & coke. I don't think I ever met her again after that. Jackie seemed a lot older than us- though perhaps it was only two or three years- and I have no idea how Dave came to know her. Apparently it never occurred to me ask him. The two people with Andrew were of course Bob Hyland and Brad ______(?) [Kelly?]. I think they had been to the Manoir, and I recall that Andrew had forgotten Donna's apartment number and that they were randomly trying various numbers in the hope of getting buzzed through. I last saw Bob when he came to visit Andrew at Xmas `93. He is an accountant, and had just moved to Edmonton from Calgary. Brad moved to the Maritimes with his family in the late '70s (?) to run an electronics shop.