part II 1971-1977


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February 14 Wednesday

B(spare)-I brought ping-pong rackets, then Christine and I played ping-pong. Then Dave, Christine and I went to the C.C. for a smoke. Lunch-at the C.C. side with Dave, Ralph and Mike. Chocolate sauce was around [huh?]. Went to the s.l. after. French-read a boring story, everyone was yawning.Kalf thought we were funny. English-no English, Christine and I walked around. nite-Driver's ed.


February 15 Thursday Snow Holiday

Nite-at Ralph's. Mike and Dave there. Lesley and Charlie came. Talked about the gory movie we're going to make. Danielle came down, they played hockey with one of those things (you know?) [oooo, I love it when you talk technical]. Got a ride with Lesley at 11:30, Lesley broke a record she borrowed [from Ralph?].


February 16 Friday

I got the Fairview bus to Place Crémazie at about 11:30 and got my temporary driver's licence. Went to Alexis Nihon Plaza and walked around about 2 hours. Got $100 [American] bill cig papers and Esmerellda rolling paper [with a breasted dragon on the package]. Met Dave there about 3, we walked around, got the train back. Went to my place, sat in the basement. Ralph, Andy, Mike and Danielle came over. Smoked some weed. Danielle brought the Masterpiece game but no one wanted to play. I can't remember when they left.


February 17 Saturday

About 1:30 Mike came over, then Ralph, then Lesley, then Dave. We filmed out front with red paint as blood, but gave up because it was so cold [this was our attempt at a splatter film, using blood packages with firecrackers in them. The results were unintentionally funny... and it was very cold. Dave seems to have stayed over dinner, we recorded a bit using two tape recorders]. nite-my place in the basement. Andy, Ralph, Dave, Mike. Taped stupid things [the last of the 'improv' recordings]. Smoked the string from Andy's pipe [disgusting].


































February 18 Sunday

Didn't go out, watched 'The 10 Commandments' on TV. [according to Ralph's photos, Dave and Lesley were at his place].


February 19 Monday

[Ralph home with the flu]. Art-Lesley and I did more black lines on the door. Lunch-Lesley was on the phone with Rob Eshobé [a guy she was seeing at the time] and I was bugging her. Dave, Mike, Lesley and I went outside. English-Niven, Weiner and I were talking about cartoons. nite-Driver's ed, saw a movie but the sound didn't work, saw slides too.


February 20 Tuesday

Lunch-student's lounge. Lesley, Dave, Andy, Ralph, Chris Francivela and Mike. [Dave, Donna and I out for a cigarette. Met Chris F. [?] and Andy outside. Threw snowballs at Chris and Rogar Kallinin while they were standing by the door. Went back in. Teacher's Auction [for the carnival]. Alan tried to buy Miss Hunt]. Lesley was on the phone to Rob E. again. English-Weiner, Webb and I walked around the classroom.


February 21 Wednesday

Periods 30 minutes long [for the winter carnival]. B(spare)-Christine, Andy, Chris F and I at the C.C. at the side. Lunch-Ralph, Andy, Chris F, Mike and I out at the back for a smoke. Drew "smile" on Linda again [the first time is not recorded. "Smile" refers to Linda's tight pants, from which her buns always protruded]. From 1:30-3 there was skating, broomball and hockey at the arena. Sat with Donna K. for awhile [she had come up earlier to borrow my Carnival button to get a friend, or herself, into the Arena. I remember this as being the first time we acknowledged each other]. nite-Driver's ed.



Lesley, Dave and Ralph