part II 1971-1977


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February 3 Saturday

[Later went to Andy's. Mike had left at 10 am while they were asleep. Andy had stayed up until 6 am to deliver his papers. We sat in the livingroom. Andy left for awhile to do some collecting [on his paper rout]. Gillian called to see if they could come over to my place. Called Alan [for permission?? what power!] [Power? Yes I did have power. I was the 'leader' of the group, for a short time at least, and I knew it. But that time was over or would be soon] and called Gillian back and said it was OK. At 4 pm we had to leave Andy's cause he was going to bed. Dave came over here. Sat upstairs in my room for awhile. Mother wasn't home but she called and said she didn't want Dave eating here, so I made two hotdogs for him. The parents came home and said it was alright after all, so Dave got an extra hamburger. Brought the stereo down-Dave insisted that he carry it]. At 6:30 Gillian came over. I dropped 1/4 of the blotter [which in December 1980 I said did nothing]. We walked to Ralph's, Dave there [at 7:30]. Lesley, Charlie, Cathy and Jeff Cherme [who I'd known in Grade six] came. [Lesley, Charlie and Cathy had done some mandrix and Jeff opened some beer bottles shortly after arriving. Alan and Gillian never got really tripping and were mildly stoned [I recall a discussion/debate about the relative virtues of "body stone" vs. "head stone" that may have taken place this night. I seem to remember Gillian complaining that there was no "head stone" aspect to the acid she and Alan had taken]. Gillian, Cathy and Danielle went upstairs at 10 to watch "Casanova", the rest of us smoked one J [under the wide open basement window, waving the smoke out-I was paranoid that my parents would smell the fumes]. I went up for awhile and when I came down again Jeff was pretending to do the drum solo on "Do What You Like" [a long Ginger Baker composed song on "Blind Faith"]. Jeff [acted very] weird [and made a lot of noise]. [He made a complete ass of himself, as did Charlie when he pretended to be Hendrix during "Star-Spangled Banner" [no infantile air-guitar sessions for us]. Cathy starred at me. Got a ride with Lesley at 11:30 [and Dave got picked up alittle later].


February 4 Sunday

[After a lot of calling it was decided to go to Gillian's]. Ralph and I walked to Gillian's, sat in the livingroom [and Gillian dropped. It was kind of boring and we kept calling Dave to come over. Then there was a phone call and it was Gillian's brother just back from Holland, but he had something wrong with his leg and he was in a wheelchair]. Dave came [just before Gillian's parents left to pick up her brother at Dorval]. Helped move a bed downstairs [probably for her brother]. [We didn't have enough money for a pizza so we were allowed to have what the family was eating]. Had dinner [when Gillian's parents came back with her brother. Sat in the livingroom with her brother who told us about his adventures in a German hospital. We went outside for awhile at 8, and Dave and I climbed trees]. We got a ride at 8 with Ralph [but Ralph's version is probably the correct one..] [left to walk home at 9. Dave came in for awhile to warm up].


February 5 Monday

[Dave was away cause he had to go to the hospital for his VD test-to see if the pills had worked]. Art-walked around and watched people paint the doors. Put red paint on my hand to look like blood. Lunch- Ralph, Andy, Ruth and Chris (not Todd), got green hash (pure shit) in the calf [from Ralph Bird. More of him later]. Went out for a smoke, André had a big joint. nite-started Driver's Ed at the Y. [The Montreal Urban Drivers League. Something like 36 hours classroom, 6 hours driving].