part II 1971-1977


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January 10 Wednesday

B(spare)-in the student's lounge with Dave and Christine, we went to the back of the school for a smoke. Snow was blowing down on us. History-in the aud with Wright, did Napoleon's early life. I got yelled at because I was drawing in my book. Lunch-in the student's lounge with Dave, Andy, Mike and Ralph. Dave spilled some coke. Lesley came. We went out to the back of the school for a smoke, some guy talked to us. Math-Andy wiped out over a chair (he!) [this could have been the time he went to sharpen his pencil, on returning he tripped over a chair, fell, got up and fell right down again. This made me laugh for years to come. Andy was known for clumsiness, dropping splifs in puddles for example]. Got a 'D'. Went to the 'D' in the Math room. Mike there too, we did Math homework, got out about 3:40.


[On May 9, 1994 Ralph first presented me with some excerpts from his journal. These entries run from January 11 to February 20, 1973. Again, the entries are written in blue type...]


January 11 Thursday

Chem-work. Christine and Dave were erasing things out of the text book. B(spare)-student's lounge with Dave and Christine, went out to the back for a smoke. Threw and kicked Christine's purse around. Art-Christine in. Lunch-student's lounge with Dave, Ralph, Andy and Mike. Went out for a smoke at the back, in again and Lesley joined us. English-talked to Nevin and Smith about gory movies. [Dave came over after school because we were going over to Alan's to meet his sister and smoke up. At 6:15 we decided to go but Dave spent ages talking to Pat and Simone [oldest sister and her boyfriend, inversely]. Got to Alan's about 6:40 (walking down Winston without our coats on)]. nite-Mike, Ralph and Dave came over, sat in the basement. [His sister had had to go downtown and would come back soon, but she never showed up]. Smoked some of Mike's weed. They left at 9.


January 12 Friday

Chem-made Christine think I drew on her shirt. B(spare)-Dave, Christine and I in the student's lounge. Dave went to Fairview. Art-Christine in. Lunch-in the student's lounge with Lesley, Ralph, Andy, Mike and Ruth. Threw chips in Andy's face. Got 4 joints. Math-test with problems. Tried on Mike's [Davison] football coat (he).[English-Went to class, Pound told us to get out our composition books. I decided not to go back. Went to the shops with Mike. Went to the petstore. I asked the guy about two of my fish standing on their heads. He said it was a bladder injury and they will probably die]. English-talked with Lora and Niven. Drew shaded things. [It was already decided that we would go to Alan's. I called Andy and he came by at 7:05. We went to the store and split and pack of cigarettes. Andy had a bottle containing just about every hard liquour in existence and we shared it the tunnels un the 2&20. It was the worst stuff I've ever tasted. When we got to Alan's we were fairly drunk]. nite-about 7 to 7:30? Dave and Diane came over, sat in the basement. Andy, Ralph and Mike came. We smoked a few joints. Mike pretended he was a monkey [by putting gloves on his feet and jumping around the room. I at least thought Mike was a little strange then]. Dave, Diane and Ralph were under a blanket on the couch. They left at 11. [Mike, Andy and I went over to Mike's for awhile to look at his gerbils. He also had two aquariums, one of which he wanted to sell, the other containing two guppies and a huge turtle. We went back to Alan's. Remember: Alan kept kicking Andy: Diane, Dave and me under the blanket].


January 13 Saturday

[Alan called me at 11;30 to tell me that Gillian and he were going to Fairview to see Debbie Darcy, who works at Four Seasons. He said that they were taking the bus and would be there at 12:30. I called Dave and at 12:15 started walking to Fairview]. At 11:45 met Gillian on the bus and went to Fairview. We got Debbie Darcey out of the store she worked in [The Four Seasons], we had a coke in the restaurant in Eaton's. I got the album 'Deep Purple in Rock' [which I traded to Fred Parnell for drugs in spring 1974]. At 12:30 Debbie went back and we met Dave and Ralph. [Dave bought a new SLIDER [T-Rex] and FRAGILE by YES]. Went home at 2. [Dave wanted me to come over to his house tonite (his parents were going out) but I told him I'd rather go to Alan's cause it was closer. At 6:30 I called Andy to see if he was going but he said he'd rather not. So I walked to Alan's by myself and got there at 7:05]. nite-at 5:30 Gillian came over, sat in the basement. Bought 4 joints from Tilden who came over for about 5 minutes. We smoked up. Ralph and Dave came, [Dave arrived in the car. He told Alan that his mother had given him permission to drive it to the store, but he told me later that it was just to keep Alan quiet]. Smoked more. Dave left [but came back about an hour later after drinking at home], Mike came. Watched 'Casanova'. They left at 11. [Dave agreed to let Gillian off at Ste Claire and drop me off at home. He backed out of the driveway, took a run at Flahault, and then zig-zagged down Belton. He let Gillian off and drove me home. I called him afterwards to see if he got home alright [yes, presumably] ].