part II 1971-1977


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January 5 Friday

Chem-tried to guess what Dave (83) wanted to be when he grew up. B(spare)-sat in the student's lounge with Dave and Christine, went to the side of the C.C. for a smoke. Lunch-sat in the student's lounge with Diane, Dave, Ruth and Ralph. Diane gave me a Mickey Mouse hat [which survived until 1992, when my nephew Jamie lost it]. Someone threw an orange at the wall. French-Ralph and I wore our [Mickey Mouse] hats for a sec. [Dave called at 5 to see what was going on. I told him to phone Alan-- he [Dave] called back to say we were going to Alan's. He + Diane got here at 7...we left at about 7:40. Got to Alan's alright, Dave went ahead and Diane + I went to buy cigarettes]. nite-about 7:50 Dave came over, sat in the basement, then Ralph and Danielle. [Alan had his new clock-radio down [in the basement]]. We smoked 3 joints of mine between 8:45 and 9:45. Andy came we had one of his joints. They left at 11. [There is definitely a sense here of the boring repetitive routine our weekends were devolving into. This affected my journal- entries become much less detailed and were apparently written after ever increasing lapses of time. There just wasn't much to get excited about.]


January 6 Saturday

About 3 Gillian came over, had joints of mine at 5. Watched 'Bugs Bunny'. Had a joint at 6 and 7. [Alan's parents were out and we planned on going there. I couldn't get a ride because Dad is going to Rome for 3 weeks tonite. Andy's brother [Peter] picked me up at about 7:45, got to Alan's]. About 7:45 Andy and Ralph came, at 8 had one of my joints and one of Andy's, and some of Andy's hash [Alan + Gillian had had one [joint] every hour since 4:00pm. We turned off the lights and turned on the black light. Alan said that he'd fished out 2 dead fish from the aquarium today + I fished out a 3rd. We sat in the den for a while, Alan with the knitting needle, he did the "mechanical man" [holding the needle to his chest and pretending it controlled his motor functions], changed the music from one speaker to the next by sticking it [the needle] into the earphone plug [and wiggling it back and forth] (...oooo)].. At 10 we watched 'Casanova' on TV [a British series which was controversial at the time]. They left at 11.


January 7 Sunday

About 1 Ralph came over, then Gillian. [They wanted Danielle to come over with the Masterpiece game + my money so we could buy a pizza, but she didn't want to come. While I talked on the phone Alan kept attacking me with the letter opener [sounds dangerous]. Dave called later and said that he was coming down. I asked him to pick up my money at my house and he said O.K.] Talked, Dave came. About 3:30 my parents returned so we went to the basement. [We all went downstairs and ordered the pizza. Alan paid 70 cents + I paid $1.40 cause I paid for Gillian's 1/3 as well. Dave didn't pay anything. [Pizza at $2.10 each? Won't even buy you a slice these days.]]. Gillian left about 5:30. We played 'Monopoly', then talked. [We quit when "Seven Words you Can't Say on TV" by George Carlin came on [the radio]. We didn't count our winnings but I think Dave won]. They left at 9.


January 8 Monday

Lunch-in the student's lounge with Ralph, Lesley, Linda, Andy, Ruth and Christine. Ralph, Andy, Ruth Christine and I went to the back of the school for a smoke. It was cold. [Alan called me around 7 about Driver's Ed. [I think we had planned to do the course together and were trying to figure out which one to take.]]


January 9 Tuesday

Chem-went over sheets, and Dave, Christine and I had to be the "teachers" and ask the questions and get answers. Art-Linda put glue in my hair. Lunch-in the student's lounge with Lesley, Ralph, Dave, Ruth, Andy and Richard (ick). Went to the back of the school and smoked one of Dave's joints. Math-in the Music room, knocked Andy's book off his desk. [[After school] Walked home with Andy + talked about Kevin Allan + Co. [Kevin was in my English class- hung around with Ralph Eastman, Jeff Brayne, Dougal Macpherson (sp?) and others. Andrew had been hanging around with them off and on for the last year or so. I think I may have been exploring alternative social possibilities.]...Called Alan to find out the no. of the Montreal Auto Club, but he was in the bath. He called back and gave me the no].




83. In 1980 he was working in a sauna in Vancouver. Talking with Ralph on August 15, 1993, I learned he comes to Montreal at times to visit Ralph's sister. That news ended the death rumours about Dave that had circulated in the '80's. (See February 27, 1973).