part II 1971-1977


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January 1973


January 1 Monday Holiday

Left Gillian's at 1, got picked up with Ralph. [After making arrangements on the phone with Alan and Lesley, it was decided to go to Lesley's. At around 2:30 I got a ride, picked up Alan on St John's + Lakeview and drove to Lesley's]. Later got picked up at St John's by Ralph and went to Lesley's, read 'Life', didn't do much [Dave called at around 4 and said that he got home from his babysitting job at 3:30 pm [? probably meant to write 3:30 am]]. Alan drew caricatures of Lesley + me. We decided to come to my house tonite.. Got a ride with Ralph at 5:30. As we were waiting Lesley's nieces were standing by the door. Alan made suggestive comments which they didn't understand as they were only about 5 or 6]. nite-walked to Ralph's, Dave there. [That night Dave came over at around 7:30. We sat in the basement watching Nicolette make a shell doll + listening to Cat Stevens. Alan came at around 8:15 and we played Masterpiece with Danielle. Lesley came at 9 and was taking down the hits of the year on the radio [in other words, she was listening to a transistor radio which was playing the Top 100 for 1972 and writing down the titles on a notepad]. We played another game of Masterpiece without Alan. At 11pm we went upstairs and waited for Lesley's father [step-father] to pick them up]. Danielle came down and we played 'Masterpiece'. Lesley came and they played while I read a Batman book. Got a ride at 11:30 with Lesley [Ralph took photos this night].


January 2 Tuesday Holiday

[Called Dave and he asked me to come over, as were Diane and Christine. I called Alan and he decided to go]. Met Ralph at Fairview at 2, saw Chris in a blue ski jacket. Walked to Dave's [on the way I found a letter and I put it in the mailbox of the sender], sat in the livingroom [for a while cause he [Dave] wanted to hear "Santana and Miles" [purchased 27/12/72], which he had borrowed last night and was going to buy, on a good stereo]. Diane and Christine there. Went to Dave's room, hurt my thumb. [Dave paid me $4 for the record [so much for my early foray into Latin-Jazz Fusion]. We were all grossed out by Dave's pillow (remnants of last Thursday) [a mistake- should be Friday: see 29/12/72]]. Christine left at 4:15, Ralph and I went at 5:20 to get a bus which never came, so we went back and phoned a taxi.


January 3 Wednesday

B(spare)-Dave, Christine and I sat in the student's lounge, we went out for a smoke at the side. History-Dave had a 8 second sandclock kiss timer [pretty short]. Lunch-sat in the student's lounge with Dave, Ruth, Ralph, Lesley and sometimes Andy. Went out for a smoke on the sidewalk of the C.C. [It was really nice weather and we went out for a cigarette [which is not to say that we wouldn't have gone out for a cigarette if the weather had been rotten]...]


January 4 Thursday

Chem-Dave and Christine didn't come. B(spare)-Dave, Christine and I went to the C.C. at the side and smoked one of Dave's joints, sat in the student's lounge. Lunch-bought 10 joints for $4.50, sat in the student's lounge with Ralph, Andy, Linda and Ruth, had blackballs. French-took Smith's book so he knocked my Math book on the floor then knocked my desk over. He got extra homework. Math-Andy and I didn't go (Hunt away), we met Ruth and we went to the aud, then Andy and I went to the library. English-one oral then a spare. Talked to Webb and Niven. Lora said she drank about 7 or 9 beers in one and half hours and no one believed she didn't get drunk.

Danielle and Dave