part II 1971-1977


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December 3 Sunday

[Called Alan at 12...he said not to come over before 1 pm as he had to wash his hair + he said he'd see if Gillian would come cause she'd started acting real nice to Al again [at this time I was a sarcastic little prick (I'm totally reformed today) and had given Gillian such a hard time that she got sick of it (and me)]. I got there at 10 past 1. Went to the back but he wouldn't answer so I had to go to the front.]. About 1 Ralph came over, sat in the basement. [We sat in the front of the basement for a while calling people (his plants are doing well). Gillian didn't want to come, Lesley didn't want to, and when we finally got through to Dave he said he'd come but he'd have to wait until halftime of the Grey Cup (Hamilton won 13-10). Alan and I did nothing much, we looked at his plants, talked and smoked [the reference is to cigarettes, I think] and then Dave phoned to see if we wanted him to pick up hamburgers for us from Mac's...Dave got there around 3 or 3:30 + we ate...]. About 3 Dave came, we talked, made crank calls. Ordered pizza [At around 5:30 we decided that we wanted a pizza. Alan tried to get money out of his mother but failed. Then Dave remembered that he had $10 he ripped off his mother. He would pay for it and I'd pay him back later (Al got his money from his mother. The pizza arrived at 6:15 when Dave got a call and he had to go babysitting + he'd get picked up at 7 on St. John's. We ate the pizza and Dave left 15 to 7. Dave left at 6:45. [Alan phoned Gillian to see if she'd come that night and she suggested coming to her house as only her + Abbie [sic] were home. Just before we left Mr. Rhodes started asking about the plants + I got worried but nothing happened. So we embarked on the long walk to Gillian's. Alan brought his horn + "Living in the Past". He blew his horn and talked thru it the whole way there. When we hit Golf Street Alan started yelling thru the horn, "Warning: 32 Golf, we are coming" or something to that effect]. At 7:30 Ralph and I walked to Gillian's with the plastic horn [that I'd gotten from my parents when they'd gone to the carnival in Quebec City in February 1970]. Abby there, sat in the livingroom and the study. [When we got there Gillian and Abbie [sic] were doing a duet on recorder + piano. We sat downstairs for a while until Abbie kicked Alan for using her glass cutter and we went upstairs to the den. We watched a bit of the National Geographic special + then Gill showed us a 1/4 gram of hash of her brother's. Alan + Gill rolled it and then we went to Perrette's (believe!)]. Had a splif on the street. [We came back and stayed downstairs. Then Abbie started telling us about the night before when the brother of the friend at whose house she was sleeping invited himself to her bed. It was all pretty gross + disgusting, after all she's only 13. [The high moral tone here is rather shot through with hypocrisy, not to mention jealousy. It is also indicative of my own naiveté: that certain details of Abby's narrative were shocking to me was due to my very limited sexual experience.] Anyway father picked us up at 9:40, dropped off Alan]. Left at 9:30, got a ride with Ralph..


December 4 Monday

Lunch-outside the C.C. pool at the side with Dave, Ruth and Ralph, then we went downstairs with Linda and Mike. They had blue acid [Lost Dave + Ruth (she's back) [from Barbados] in caf, found them again in student lounge. Alan + I went out for a cigarette, Dave + Ruth came later. Me + Alan went back inside + in the lounge we met Mike who'd just bought a blue tab for him and Linda. We all went to 1st floor [the old student lounge beneath the stairs near the front doors] as they cut it up. Then Mike went + bought another one as did Dave. Linda, Dave + Mike all ended up doing whole [tabs] + it was Linda's 1st time [to do acid]....]. Math-Mike broke his pencil in 2 and gave me 1/2. [After [school] I met up with Andy and we talked about Abbie [sic]. Andy + I thought it was pretty disgusting + a little pathetic because she + her friend Karin (her boyfriend was there too) were only 13 and already they were worried about....[what a pair of gossiping hypocrites. The ellipsis here is in the original text. I'm not sure why I didn't write the words "being pregnant". Delicacy? Not very likely.]]