part II 1971-1977


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May 1971


May 1

bought Hendrix 'Cry of Love' and a cigarette rolling machine [at Fairview] (5).


May 3

American kids are here [exchange students]. Math-didn't have to go, went to the C.C. with Heather M. and Ken. nite-went to Free School (6) at J.R. First I sat with Laurie G and friends in the smoking lounge. Later we went down to the music room and turned off all the lights. Went to the auditorium and turned off lights and played piano etc. Near TD [technical drawing] Cyndy F was reading a letter. On the 4th floor Lynda Read had a bottle of perfume and we were putting it on each other. We went to the shops and in the phone Lynda R stepped on my hand.


Letter from Sheila written May 6 & 8, 1971 from Pickering, Ontario


Bonjour Chérie:


How's you? Right now I'm listening to Tangerine on Zeppelin III! Can you hear it? You should see the new coat, shoes and blouse I got. The coat is dark blue wet look, midi, with white stitching and silver buttons and buckles. The shoes are dark blue, nearly black, penny loafers. The blouse is a white peasant blouse and yellow. Today I wore all that stuff with my blue bells. People must think I have an addiction to blue and you know they are absolutely Right! Think about your group color to understand that last bit! How's Elizabeth? Is she still having a hassle with her mother? You know what? My mommy and daddy were going to sue Mrs Haden for slander for the things she said about me. I was quick to put a stop to that though. That's all the 3 of us need. My parents taking out a friggin' legal action against Mrs Haden.


... How do you like my drawings and my play? You know what? Tomorrow's Friday!! That means I can spend the whole weekend in my room, listening to C.H.U.M. and write, draw, do plays to you or play cards. (Solitare Whoopee Whoopee). We bought a house on the east side of Bay Ridges. Everybody else, even Grandma has seen the house, I don't even know what idiot country it's in! Jeez, I love the way they make sure I like the house I gotta move into. Well, darling, please write. I can't think of anything else to tell you. Except of course, I love you, please remember that.


Much, much Love,


Sheila J. Me xxxooo---


P.S. Give my love to my science harem

P.P.S. Take a look at my drawings and my play and tell me what you think.


Hello Again Alan May 8, 1971


What are you doing? Getting into trouble probably?!!? Last night Cris Beal took me to 'Fun Night' up at our school. You see each homeroom had to think up some sort of activity to do. Our homeroom got out an old '57 Dodge, painted teachers' names on it, and let kids take out their frustrations on the car with a sledge hammer. So yesterday I went to school and never bothered to come home and stayed until 11:00 last night for 'Fun Night'. I have a new problem: Cris Beal and Werner both want me to go around with them. So they are both trying to kill each other...Do you know what my ex-friend Karen Jobber did last night? You see, she was supposed to spend the night at my place. Well, she was jealous as hell, because Cris and Werner were dancing attendance to me all night. She kept making remarks about siamese twins (think about it) and then finally she took off on me. When it got to be time to go home she decided she wouldn't come after all. Great, I have to walk all the way home alone. While I was on the way home, she had got home with Jo-Ann. Karen says to her mom when she was asked why she hadn't come home with me, "Oh, I haven't seen her, she was, I think, going to go over to the Shack (drug, sex hang-out) with Cris and then going home with him. Her mother phones my father just before I got in and tells him Karen's pile of lies. He takes a fit. I go to bed, mom gets home, phones Mrs Jobber and tells her what really happened. Now Karen's in big trouble. She knew I wouldn't be home when her mother called so I couldn't defend myself. Now Karen is not a friend of mine. She is a fuckin' stupid useless bitch. I think I'll cast a good one on her! (hee hee). Make her appear even uglier than she is. By the way, she won't admit it to Liz, but Mrs Haden is now suffering from a very guilty conscience. I zapped her out last night. Liz might think this is very funny, if she doesn't tell me, and I'll take her mom out of it, but I really think Mrs Haden deserves it. Please write I love you. Get Liz to write too! Much Love,






5. For some reason I have a memory of a group of slightly older longhaired teenagers sitting on the grass outside Fairview, one or two of which were playing guitar, which at the time I thought was so cool...also at this time, across the highway from Fairview, a large teepee-like tent had been erected, for kids to rest in while hitchhiking (times have changed...).


6. Free school was an experiment in unstructured learning. Ralph deSmit was on the committee (See October 23, 1971). I had seen Ralph around the school by this time (and in the school annual) but didn't know him. Part of the reason I had noticed him was he had some of the longest hair of anyone our age, and I was jealous)...Someone had the album 'Benefit' by Jethro Tull. I was standing next to some older students talking about LSD, I commented on something and one said "We weren't talking to you, faggot" This was the same guy who made my math class so pleasant in the fall of 1971. Luckily he was the last bully in my life.