that because it is about two guys from Nova Scotia and I'd probably throw up!!! Some chicks who know my dreadful secret suggested I do a talk on witchcraft [at this point Sheila thought she was a witch]... I don't know what they're trying to do...get me arrested maybe? Burnt at the stake? Is Liz still having a hassle with her mother? Tell her to write to me because if I write to her my mommy and I are certain that Mrs Haden won't let Liz have the letter. If her mom won't let her write to me, get her to write in school, give you the letter, and mail it up to me with yours. I miss you both so very, very, very much! I can't think of anything else! Toronto is so boring and tiresome. Good-night, lambchop, sweet dreams. I love you.

Lots of Love,



P.S. Phone me on Sunday night please! please!
P.P. S. Write me soon, soon, soon.
P.P.P.S. I'm still not talking to Werner.
P.P.P.P.S. How do you like my drawings?
P.P.P.P.P.S. Do you like the way I do my posters in my study?
P.P.P.P.P.P S. That's enough P.S's

Love, Sheila


May 1971

hendrixMay 1
bought Hendrix 'Cry of Love' and a cigarette rolling machine [at Fairview](5).

May 3
American kids are here
[exchange students]. Math-didn't have to go, went to the C.C. with Heather M. and Ken. nite-went to Free School(6) at J.R. First I sat with Laurie G and friends in the smoking lounge. Later we went down to the music room and turned off all the lights. Went to the auditorium and turned off lights and played piano etc. Near TD [technical drawing] Cyndy F was reading a letter. On the 4th floor Lynda Read had a bottle of perfume and we were putting it on each other. We went to the shops and in the phone Lynda R stepped on my hand.

Letter from Sheila written May 6 & 8, 1971 from Pickering, Ontario

Bonjour Chérie:

How's you? Right now I'm listening to Tangerine on Zeppelin III! Can you hear it? You should see the new coat, shoes and blouse I got. The coat is dark blue wet look, midi, with white stitching and silver buttons and buckles. The shoes are dark blue, nearly black, penny loafers. The blouse is a white peasant blouse and yellow. Today I wore all that stuff with my blue bells. People must think I have an addiction to blue and you know they are absolutely Right! Think about your group color to understand that last bit! How's Elizabeth? Is she still having a hassle with her mother? You know what? My mommy and daddy were going to sue Mrs Haden for slander for the things she said about me. I was quick to put a stop to that though. That's all the 3 of us need. My parents taking out a friggin' legal action against Mrs Haden.

5. For some reason I have a memory of a group of slightly older longhaired teenagers sitting on the grass outside Fairview, one or two of which were playing guitar, which at the time I thought was so cool...also at this time, across the highway from Fairview, a large teepee-like tent had been erected, for kids to rest in while hitchhiking (times have changed...).

6. Free school was an experiment in unstructured learning. Ralph deSmit was on the committee (See October 23, 1971). I had seen Ralph around the school by this time (and in the school annual) but didn't know him. Part of the reason I had noticed him was he had some of the longest hair of anyone our age, and I was jealous)...Someone had the album 'Benefit' by Jethro Tull. I was standing next to some older students talking about LSD, I commented on something and one said "We weren't talking to you, faggot" This was the same guy who made my math class so pleasant in the fall of 1971. Luckily he was the last bully in my life.

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