part II 1971-1977


Appendix 3


Andy's Description of the John Rennie Grad Night, May 10, 1974


Got all dressed up in my tuxedo, ready to leave. Brian and Julie came and picked me up. We drove up to Bennie's - her parents took pictures of all of us. Then we went to Carol Hughes' place. About 14 of us stood around, feeling silly in our suits and dresses. All the girls looked really beautiful.


Drove up to the Holiday Inn. We had the grand march, all the couples walking all over the fucking place. We sat down and listened to the music for awhile...I went to the bar with Rory and Janice - had a Signapore sling. I went back and a little later I got Bennie, Brian and Julie to come in. Me and Bennie spent most of our time in the bar, going into the dance room for awhile. Ralph Eastman & Tim Taylor were both drunk. The buffet was served downstairs...piles of food. Bennie was a little drunk and only ate some celery. I danced twice with her.


Mister Buchanon showed up, Ralph bought him a drink (2 I think, he's already had a few). In the dance-hall he was dancing with the girls he knew, really at it.


After the grad, we went to Julie's place for wine an cheese. Bennie crashed out. Then we went down to a party at Sue Brasser's. We didn't stay for long, and I took my time rolling & smoking and sitting with Bennie. I should've moved around, there were alot of people there I haven't talked to for a long time.


After the party ended, about 4:20, we took Bennie home to bed. Then Brian, me and Julie headed to Mount Royal for the Sunrise. It was, however, too cloudy. I was pretty bored (everyone else had an escort) so after I bummed a ride home with Gorden Baker I crashed out.